Retired British Ex Pat living in France, what do I need to do to bring meat and cheese products from the UK and what can I bring in post Brexit

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Hi, I have looked on various websites to try and find out limits and what meat and cheese products I can and can't bring from the UK to France post Brexit. (It was difficult for me to type that word!)I have founds lots of sites that deal with businesses that import goods to France, but I can't find anything that relates to private individuals (with a passion for strong English cheddar and gammon steak).Can anyone give me a any idea where I will find the info please?ThanksJim W.

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jimw1351 1610352308

Hi Again,

Cancel my above request for info, I have just been on the British Embassy Paris website and got the info.

Jim W.

Nipper 1610378423

I think you'll find that the answer is no meat or dairy products can be brought from UK to Europe.

Fitter 1610884761

But you can buy from Ireland as it's in the EU.

A bit of a confusing website, click on the "buy now" button on the home page and you can see the whole list of their products.

Irish cheddar and gammon steaks available along with a lot of other meat and dairy.

No additional delivery charges for France.

jimw1351 1610904998

Cheers Fitter,

Will have a butchers.

Kind regards,

Jim W.

jimw1351 1610907581

Just had a butchers at their site, looking good.

Thanks once again

Jim W.

Graham159645 1611495984

Have a look at Elliots Boucherie, Gorron. Brittany for your meat, you will not be disappointed.

Fitter 1611698898

 Elliots Boucheie Gorron isn't in Brittany -  it's in dept 53 Pays de la Loire, a long drive to buy a pound of sausages!

itinerant child-414831 1611709212

When in France try either a well aged entre deux Cantal cheese or a cantal vieux and once you have found a decent one ( and there are many ), cheddar will fade in comparison.

There are many great cheeses and meats available from around france with a large collection coming from the pastures at altitude on the massif central,pyranees and alps. It takes time to get to know them,but it is time very well spent.

I am quite an epicurean and travel around france a few times a year and am always searching for the best of the best and am rarely disapointed.

Sadly most of the better cheeses do not make it this far north, however le clerc supermarkets stock a few cantals though only occasionally do they have one worth writing home about. But sometimes they do get it right too. The bigger the mouldy crust the better :-)

Keep away from cantal jeune as this is the young cantal and is like a young cheddar. Entre deux means in between the two and vieux is old.

There are many others that I could recommend you meeting,but this will do for now.

With an aged or a blue cheese I also recommend a nice 2012, 2013 or 2015 cru bourgoise, haut medoc red wine ranging between the ten to fifteen euro mark. you will not regret it :-)

Red is the better choice with a good cheese and going on twenty years of research I would say that a mature red of over four years is so much worth paying a bit more for.

Whatever your choice, may it be a good one and tres bon appetite :-)

Rich by name 1611712514

Elliots do a great delivery service

Lilly111 1612804354

You can't bring in meat and dairy from the UK but you can from Southern Ireland, if you want to buy meat and dairy products try here:

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