Tracing House Owners

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Can anyone tell me how to find out who owns a house? I have seen a derelict house that I would be interested in buying but it is not advertised for sale and I would like to contact the owners to see if they are interested in selling but I have to find them first......... Sally Moore

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Behind every derelict house in France, there is normally a history . . . . .

With the complicated inheritance laws in France, normally a derelict house can mean a family argument where it belongs to the four children and one doesnt want to sell, or it is owned by a hospital who were never paid for the healthcare of the person who died etc etc etc.

So, start by asking a neighbour, or at the local bar to find out what the story is behind it first. Normally the local Mairie will be able to find you the contact details of the owners, but sometimes you have to play a bit at detective.

It can be very interesting and lucrative if you have the patience! A friend of mine bought a property last year for €3000 from a hospital trust who had forgotten they owned it in lieu of a debt, it was due to two years of persistance from him that the house was finally bought.



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