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hi we have been given a pc which runs unbuntu, the problem we face now is that it won't load the internet, we are not very pc minded people so is there anyone out there that may be able to help? Many thanks

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AOC-413942 1340628997

When you say "it won't load the internet" what do you actually mean? Does Firefox (the Ubuntu equivalent of Internet Explorer) run? If so, what does it say?

How do you connect to the internet? Dial-up, Livebox (etc), WiFi or hard wired? Etc etc.

Bit more info needed to stop the double-guessing, I'm afraid.

unit5-396581 1340632948

hi aoc

we connect to the internet through a livebox but it will not let us load the disc (from orange) to put the internet onto the pc (currently im on the very old pc) we were told that we should be able to just plug in the pc and it will find the interent this never happened so we tried loading the disc but it doesnt want to load the disc so we can have internet? it will load the disc so far and when you have to choose an option it doesnt show you the drop down box correctly so you therefore cant go forward from this point?? when you click on the firefox it just says server not found, sorry for the lack of info we just cant get our heads round what to do next thanks for your reply and help

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You don't put 'the internet' onto the pc as such. The router connects to the internet, and your computer connects to the router, and that's how you get onto the internet.

If you use an ethernet cable to connect to the livebox, you shouldn't need to do anything else. If your computer has wifi, you need to make sure the wifi is enabled, then when it can 'see' your livebox you can tell it to connect, and it will ask you to type in your router code which is usually a very long sequence of digits and letters and is probably on a sticker underneath your livebox.

Hope this helps.

AOC-413942 1340635979

Ununtu (Linux) is rarely as simple as typing a few codes I'm afraid. I doubt if there is a Linux driver for your livebox on the Orange CD - this is intended for Windows machines.

You have 2 (practical) alternatives (apart from "learning" Ubuntu);

a) Buy a copy of Windows (XP will do) and load that on onto the machine - should be completely automatic.

b) "Get a man in" - what I would do in your situation. Make sure you someone who understands Linux, not just Windows.

That said, I have a couple of machines running Ubuntu without problems. It tends to be faster and more stable than Windows, but it is a little esoteric!

HAF-443346 1340636218

The best place for the Orange software is the dustbin, as suggested load a version of windows and go from there.

unit5-396581 1340640821

hi all

we use the internet through a ethernet cable to connect to the livebox and as stated by laughing boy shouldn't need to do anything else but when we plugged it all in nothing happened, this is the whole problem?

AOC-413942 1340641117

I'm sorry, but if you don't understand Ubuntu, then you need someone to come and set it up for you. IME, things don't just "happen" in Linux.

bearfoot 1340642690

Maybe you are using an older version of ubuntu? I have had no problems with it finding the internet even on old machines using the current version of ubuntu.

Ampere-389130 1340643848

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to use DOS/Windows software apps on a Unix/Ubuntu platform.
There is dedicated software (Like Open Office) but unless it has been written for Ubuntu, you will find loading quite difficult.
You do not need to load any software in to connect to internet, it can be done from the "User" configuration panels found at main dashboard (Not Firfox page), for this you must have the Admin password.

To provide details here will be long winded!

If you can get to another PC "Google" for Ubuntu forums, register and log in and someone somewhere will guide you through your version of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a good alternative to windows but one must be up front on the technical side and you really need to go to a Ubuntu technical forum (It is free) for help, so dont give up!

Upgrading to latest version of Ubuntu is free by the way!

Happy Ubuntu user for 8 years!!

Lerome-405515 1340648159

By the sound of your questions I would suggest that Ubuntu is something best avoided by you. Buy a copy of Windows 7 (everything costs money these days, so don't expect it for free) and install that (provided the PC is a fairly recent one).

When you fire it up it will find the router and connect you to the internet without much intervention by you.

You will waste a lot of time trying to learn Linux/Ubuntu and, unless you have a decent understanding of PCs you will get lost.

stephandsam 1340648323

I've got a recent install of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, to get to the network controls, click on the top right button on the top bar, select first item on the menu ("system settings"), then click on "network", you should see some meaningful information there....if your are using ethernet cable under "Wired"

Dormouse-445105 1340709611

I can't give specific advice without knowing what version of Ubuntu you have and what the specs (CPU & RAM) of your computer are. But ...

Being given a computer with Ubuntu installed, suggests that it might be quite an old computer. Windows requires a higher specced computer than Linux, and trying to install a recent version of Windows on it may not work.

Generally, I have found that Linux works as well (actually better) for inexperienced/inexpert users as Windows so long as they only want to use programs that come with the package or are available through the depositories. And, obviously, it works on old computers. OTOH, people who have got into the Windows way of doing things may not find it so easy - though there tend to be problems with adjusting to each major Windows update anyway.

I don't have a Livebox, but all reports suggest that it can work with Ubuntu, but the Livebox settings may need to be tweaked to do so. Compatibility with peripherals & cards is a problem with all OSs (a lot of things don't work with Windows 7 - especially older stuff). Linux is better for maintaining compatibility once it has been achieved, Windows is better for current stuff because manufacturers will always develop the necessary Windows drivers before launching.

Dormouse-445105 1340710264

I mean repositories, of course ;)

Stick wizard 1340716288

I totally agree with Ampere, having just installed the latest version of Ubuntu on a PC about 3 years old:
It loaded first go. It connects to the livebox straight away. There is no need to use the Orange software, just bin it.
It loaded drivers automatically for all my printers. It is quicker and more stable than Windows ever was on the same machine. Most of the software is free, and many devices are supported.
It is much more user friendly than it used to be;

The main problems I have faced is that some of the software I used to use on Windows (the more specialist applications, sound and video editing etc ) don't run on Linux and the linux equivalents aren't as good. Apart from that, if your computing requirements a limited to internet, the odd family photo and a bit of word processing, why pay windows tax ...ubuntu is free, more stable, virtually no viruses.

I was a bit wary too at first, having used Ubuntu a few years ago and finding it complicated, but the latest versions are much much more user friendly.
Use an Ubuntu forum for tech advice and you'll be laughing, and have saved money!

jnorthr-405255 1340727546

http://ubuntuforums.org/ offers ubuntu users a place where we can go to ask questions and gain knowledge of various components within the ubuntu operating system. I spend a lot of time there helping beginners who need a boost :)

come on over - your're welcome :D

Ubuntu-Geek 1341027062

I 'loaded' Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (with the Gnome desktop) onto unit5's Computer and I've never had any problems with just plugging in the Ethernet cable.

Of course I live in the UK and unit5 lives in Brittany so I'm limited to what I can do to help them.

The Modem unit5 is using is a: sagem f@st (adsl) 1201 V2

My latest Idea is to load WiFi Radar (ctrl + alt + T : sudo aptitude install wifi-radar) as it also picks up Ethernet connections (http://tinyurl.com/2z283z).

I think WiFi Radar will work.

jnorthr-405255 1341050865

any update on this unit 5 ?

sydhancock 1341136773

Sounds like a hardware fault not software - an etherrnet connection would normally work automatically, in linux as in windows, when the cable is connected.

There is usually a small led beside the ethernet port on the PC which should come on when there is a connection. That is the first thing I would check.

Is the cable known to be good? Try another one.
Is the the ethernet connector on the PC known to be working?
Has the cable perhaps been put into a modem port instead (I've seen a usb lead put into a modem port before now!)

Some of the suggestions really are overkill - buying and installing Windows&7 or XP is far too expensive and complicated for this situation.

For example, unless you have a specific install disk for your computer with all drivers you would need to find, download and separately install drivers for all the major components on the motherboard. Also the suggestion that somehow things will always 'just work' in Windows and are always complicated and difficult in linux is simply not the case. Look at the problem solving pages in PC magazines and technical websites to see what I mean!

Good luck with the computer, hopefully there may be some kind soul with Ubuntu knowledge who can visit and sort it out for you. If the cable and connector are good it will be very simple, if not then hopefully it is just the cable.

All the best

Joji-Snott-967345 1610897725

I think that there are deep problems in the software that need to be addressed comprehensively.

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1610899232

An even deeper problem is that this thread is nine years old.

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