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Further on from my previous post about renting a house.  I am now considering renting an apartment in Redon but would that pose a problem if I wanted english TV?

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Ivan-Tom-867299 1514731865

Mobdro on the net

bartyb 1514740505

For my money Mobdro is great for watching TV that you know you want to watch (soccer matches or whatever) and for movies but for me at least it's not an everyday alternative..... it's the lack of program guide and slow response to channel changing that kills it

Installing a satellite dish would depend on your landlord but if you have a balcony that faces between East and South you could have a dish on a tripod and no-one need ever know.

Or use a subscription IP TV service which costs from around a tenner a month

pony1 1514743128

Thank you for your replies.  I am ignorant on how the IP TV service works.  Do I only need a TV and internet access?  Do you know which IP TV services work well?


bartyb 1514744480

you'll need also box running the providers connection software, here's the opinion of folk who see more products than I do

Ivan-Tom-867299 1514751039

go to your net provider eg yahoo  and seqrch for mobdro and install from there onto your computer or tablet to see how it works.

You can the get an android tv box better 2gb and install on there quite easy really

There is one thing that happens sometimes that is that the installation software goes to your downloads and you need to go the download and install from there

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For an IP streaming service  you needa  MAG box costing about 90 euros and an internet connection.  I use UK TV France and pay 6.99 euros per month for about 35 channels.  So far, for nearly two years, the service has been good and they are very helpful if problems occur. You can stop and restart the service whenever you like, no service no payment.

pony1 1515330406

Thanks for you advice.  If I end up in an apartment I may need to pick your brains further!

pony1 1515330406

Thanks for you advice.  If I end up in an apartment I may need to pick your brains further!

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Check below link for some recommendations on the best IPTV services available.

Mike-Henry-937614 1557488865

Watch Your Favorite Shows and Channels With IPTV.
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Personally i would recommend a premium IPTV service to save you from high cable TV fee.

For the best USA IPTV provider these guys are good

Temi-Akpan-940893 1562724519

Check below link for my recommendations on the best IPTV services available.

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