Warning PayPal Accounts Under Attack

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Please be aware that unauthorised third parties are accessing PayPAL accounts. The first thing I knew was when I received half a dozen emails confirming transactions from my paypal account!! PayPal were very quick in refunding my account and said to change the password but I cannot see how this is going to stop it happeneing again. The same thing has happened to my sister in law this week. PayPal says it is an ongoing investigation But I haven't received any warnings about this??? I have now closed my PayPal account as it is obviously no longer a safe way to buy on line. 22

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COLIN10-405201 1270631843

I was away over the weekend but came home and opened my email to find paypal trainsactions that I had not made. I phone paypal about it and thy put a block on my acc. The best phone number I found was 00353 143 69001 so you can speeck in english about a French account. Colin Bond.

maniraj 1270632149

just had mine stung refunded just leaves ones account frozen


daisymay-403300 1270632502

Mine was also refunded and frozen and I was advised that the attack on it took place in Paris and had to send various pieces of identity to get the account reactivated

Patsy Dior-408993 1270632881

Happened to me also. I sent the emails regarding the transactions to spoof@paypal.com and they dealt with it - forwarding the emails helps paypal fight the fraud, or so they tell me.

nag champa 1270633234

I had this too last week, both payments were refunded quickly and paypal alerted me to what had happened minutes after the payments were taken.

What company took the payments from you? for me it was NC interactive Inc an online gaming company that I have never used

bartyb 1270634177

Yes mine too........ didn't realise 'till I got the email, checked my PP account and my bank account.

It's far more likely that the attacks were made against our computers than the problem originating at PPs end.

As for it no longer being a safe way to buy on line...... As PP have demonstrated yet again they are on the ball and provide probably the safest way of making on line payments, largely because they understand the problems.

Sam & Tony-385146 1270636515

Yes this happened to us too!! The money went out in Aus dollars, 5 separate transactions.
Must say though I reported this using the online facility (after getting nowhere on the phone!) & the money was refunded straight away!
Would like to know how they managed to get into my Paypal account though, so I can take measures to prevent it happening again

spirou 1270637421

I'm not sure how to stop this happening either.

Paypal are doing their best I'm sure and it must be costing them a fortune in refunding customers,

but I can't see how changing passwords will help as whoever is doing this has found a very clever way of getting into our accounts without the use of our passwords!!


liz & nig 1270637898

It happened to us also two payments to NC Interactive for 49.99USD, which have been refunded.

22 Plemet

bartyb 1270638903

"whoever is doing this has found a very clever way of getting into our accounts without the use of our passwords!!"

No, they haven't, they have have either harvested your password from your computer or you use something fairly easy to crack or you use the same password for PP as you do for forums and elswhere.

Jo Taylor-391910 1270639342

This happened to a group of people on another Anglo Info site - I can't remember which offhand - a couple of weeks ago. Same payee.

The thing thay all had in common was using Anglo-Info; if you use the same email address and password for both AI and PayPal change them now.

Bart, YGM.

Incognito-427488 1270640705

“The thing thay all had in common was using Anglo-Info”

I shouldn’t think AI has been compromised, it’s just that AI has members who have communicated to others about the scam, as I’m sure members of other sites have.

Its far more likely a Trojan key logger etc that’s infecting computers that haven’t got antispyware on them. A firewall and antivirus wont stop Trojans.

spirou 1270642119

To be honest I just don't know.

I change my passwords frequently, have different ones on different sites and up date my computer

regularly with virus checks, anti-malware, firewall etc.

what else can be done?

There are some very clever people out there


Suze-394922 1270642947

Im so pleased im not the only one!!!

This also happened to me last week on tuesday, and i found out via emails. 6 transactions had been made at 5am, in euros and pounds. The total came to 480 euros. Paypal were very good about it and i was reimbursed by the saturday. My bank were also very good about it when i warned them what had happened.

The woman from paypal did advise me not to use the same password for all the sites i use, as she said the hacker can get one of your passwords and just use it at a guess. As i have been telling people about my experience, they have all said they use the same passwords too as its easier that way. But apparently thats not the right thing to do. I now have at least 10 different passwords, hoping it wont happen again!

I also am thinking about cancelling my paypal account as i only use it about twice a year, and as i found out the hard way, its alot of hassle of phone calls etc when it does happen to you.

Frelon-389994 1270647137

But, have you signed up for the latest Paypal security where, when you logon Paypal send you an SMS message on your mobile phone (with a 6 digit number to be input before the account can be accessed)??

I would have though this was very secure because it is unlikely that the scammers have access to your mobile phone messages!!

Frelon-389994 1270649863


By activating the SMS Security Key, you effectively put a double lock on your PayPal account. Then each time you login to PayPal you'll see a 'Send SMS' button, which you just click to receive an instant text message with a temporary six-digit security code. Enter the code and you're in!

No gadgets or gizmos, all you need is your mobile phone to double lock your PayPal account.

Suze-394922 1270649922

Yes Frelon, thats sounds like a good idea. Strange though that the woman i spoke to last week didnt recommend it to me. All she told me to do was change my password and the security question and then send them proof of my address. As i said before though, i will be cancelling PayPal account as i dont have much need for it.

Just remembered another thing she did say, was that we must also be aware that some of the emails from "paypal" are not actually from paypal but scammers, and that if we open the mail and it asks us to do something via the link on that email, it is advised not to do it, but to actually go straight on to Paypal website and do it from there.

Secretarybird 1270693769

A few years ago my eBay identity was stolen and I had a helluva job to get through to eBay and sort it out. Luckily I was actually working on it when it was stolen and became suspicious when a large piece of agricultural plant was being auctioned in my name! Last year my identity was again stolen and re-instated (with thousands of others) within minutes of it happening - I knew nothing about it until eBay told me....

As we have an internet business protected by everything possible and I hadn't received any suspicious emails............ I could guess where to lay the blame.

Having said all this, I had no problem with my paypal account being stolen because it is not linked to my normal everyday email account that eBay uses. I have a separate account just for paypal and nothing else. So far, I've received no spam or any other dross in this account.

It was a tip given to me many years ago by an old hand when I first opened my eBay and paypal accounts; keep the contact addresses separate (and all my transactions are dealt with through eBay.co.uk/.com, not eBay.fr.)

Purple piggy 1270717749

Does anyone have an email address to get in touch with paypal direct rather than through their website? I can't login to my Paypal account because it wants to do a securtiy check & is asking me to enter/verify my bank card number. The problem is, the bank card expired last year so has been destroyed so I can't enter the number & access my account!!!


garfield-391642 1270718490

I get email from Pishing sites nearly every day. Here is one i got this morning. I always forward them to spoof@ebay.com

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nag champa 1270718851

I dont respond to any emails from payapl that come without your name as they hold it, but forward them to spoof@paypal.com

PP say that if they contact you they will always use your name not just 'dear paypal user' or whatever

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