Warning; Silver Crest electric kettle from Lidl

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We bought a Silver Crest electric kettke from Lidl about six months ago. Unfortunately we didn't keep the cash slip or invoice as we always do for bigger purchases. The interior base of the kettle started to rust about six weeks ago. Obviously this should not happen as it is supposed to be Inox (stainless steel) but it has. We are probably not going to get any satisfaction from Lidl as they require the till slip but be warned about this kettle (Boulliere Silver Crest 3000W) Ours cannot be the only one that has rusted. 

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Spotty pigs-428933 1369666448

Even with the till receipt you will get no joy from Lidl`s. On returning an electrical item that was 2 months old we were told to return it to the manufacture as stated in the booklet, Lidl claim they only give refunds or replacements on items up to 30 days after purchase. Since then we no longer purchase electrical items from them

Loadsafun 1369669490

then they are clearly breaking the law as all goods must carry one year warrenty ,and it is with the shop not the manufacture ,they do however have the right to send it back to the manufacture before issuing a refund or replacement but its thier  problem to do so not yours.

Underdog-872880 1369680617

You will no dought need this in writing (French) and have fluent French yourself to argue with the manager to get your legal rights.  Probably another lost "warranty" cause.

Tsephaniah 1369681911

Are you sure that you are looking at rust ? The water round here leaves a deposit on the inside of kettles. Before you throw the kettle away, try filling it with white vinegar and leave it overnight. You may find that the 'rust' disappears.

sebastianH 1369682479

Thanks for that. Trying it right now. Will report the result.

sebastianH 1369687167

Tsephania, thank you. Never thought of that but it has worked. Apologies to Lidl, Silver Crest and thanks to you the kettle is absolutely clear after a couple of hours of vinegar soaking.

jjp47 1369687291

Spotty Pigs, its not true at all that even with the till receipt you will get no joy from lidl.  Did you actually contact the manufacturer of your electrical item? It sounds like you didn't bother.

When our coffee machine started leaking after 6 months, we phoned the manufacturer who sent us out a new coffee machine the next day, no questions asked. They didn't even ask for the old one back. You can't get much better than that IMO.


sebastianH 1369689538

Must add to that; bought an electric mincer from Lidl, it shorted out somehow. We took it back with the Took it back with the till slip and we were sent a new one within a week. As you know the kettle problem is now resolved  

Edith1952 1480432341

I have the same problem. Purchased a kettle from Lidl 6 months ago & have had to throw it away today due to a build up of rust inside the kettle & the on off switch failing to work. Also kettle leaking! 

RubberBall -817816 1585437451

We also bought the unusual changing colour kettle. Problem is that it leaks from behind the metal strip around the lower part of the kettle - the water lies under the kettle and around the charging tray. Could be dangerous. I am going to approach the manufacturer - but of course don't have the receipt.

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