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HELLO,  can anyone give advice on my situation,  i was divorced in 2012 at st malo,  it was agreed by the lawyers that Division of property could be made ( maison) ,  However my wife refuses to sign for sale,  yet lives in the uk for the last 8 years,  ........ADVICE WELCOME.   thank you. 


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We have been in a very similar situation.  There appears to be no remedy.  In our case we just had to walk away from the house and let it fall into ruin.  There is a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that half of nothing won't benefit the other party.

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YES, i thought of that,    it looks like thats the solution, .....what a sad world we live in,!   best wishes to you for the future.     Don.  

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I did take legal advice at one point but decided against it.  The up front costs would have been astronomical and in true French fashion would have taken years with still not guarantee of success.  Suck it up my friend.  Stay healthy.

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So your wife could get an injection of cash for just signing a bit of paper....

the logic of some people just passes me by....

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"the logic of some people just passes me by...."

In my case, the other party is just plain greedy and refuses to accept the proportion of the sale as specified by French law.  So they are blocking the sale unless we voluntarily allow them to take more.

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YES,  the lure of money shows up,  in my case it was a marriage rupture,  SO the property was a straight down the middle sale,  50-50. ....oh, and the ex-wife plundered two joint bank accounts ,emptied them of 25,000 euro, .....AND hot footed  it to the uk.  ....NOW thats a nice person !

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