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After returning to Angloinfo Brittany after a while away, I am surprised by what the once useful site has become. On visiting the discussion section, I find it has been taken over by weird irrelevant posts. And there are very few replies to genuine questions, indicating there are very few people active on the site anymore. What happened?

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Well basically the management shafted their franchisees and restarted with another "new improved user experience".  They now show classified ads from all over the world that have no relevance to the local area.  There was even an ad for counterfeit currency and bogus passports, etc.  When these ridiculous postings are pointed out, nothing is done.  People who used to take part in the forum have moved on to other more useful sites, like United in Brittany and The New French Forum.

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Thanks for the info Ronald, I think I will do as everyone else seems to have done. But what a pity. Regards

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