When / why did you all move to France?

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Fed up of jobs, quit Manchester in 2004 (33 & 39) to buy a house outright with a view to doing chambres d'hotes.After a few house hunts around Carcassonne and Jonzac we bought in Deux Sevres, then moved to Vendee and Dordogne along the way doing gites not CdH as planned. We were moving back to UK in 2005 after discovering how cold rural French farmhouses were but held out until 09.Back to UK (Cornwall) in 09, sold place in Dordogne in 2011, house hunting in France from 2013 eventually bought again in 2018. This time as Cornwall had been much milder than inland south we decided to see what was available on the coast of Brittany and got one in a coastal village on the Crozon Peninsula, friendliest people we have known in France so far. We sold our then house in Devon (after 4 moves) and bought a small place back in Cornwall and one in Finistere.Other half has recently mentioned Portugal!! It isn't happening. Quite happy where we are...... at the moment.

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After a long period of being unable to find work in UK (too old apparently) in late 2000 I moved to France where I could live a lot cheaper.  Bought a cottage with land for less than the cost of a secondhand Ford Escort and have never looked back.

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We searched and searched for a place over a number of years until we came across the one that we fell in love with as we drove up the drive,  we bought the Place in January 2005 moved in full time in the August, me my wife daughter son in law and grand daughter, we planned on a 2 year renovation project, that was our first mistake here we are 15years later and are just finishing the final dwelling, its been a tough few years after buying we ran the farm (Arable) held down jobs and did what ever part of the renovations we could, we used artisans for the rest, our second mistake was the budget we put aside for the renovations even though it was a substantial amount we have spent it 10 fold, having said all that moving out of the UK and moving to france has been worth every cent and every minute, people are great  neighbours great, village is great its really the first place we have had that is a real home, long may it continue.

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