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Hi,I am looking for advice from ex-pats in France to help me find the right area to move to full time. I am looking for a detached house with private garden up to c£90k. As I can't drive, a   TGV link within walking/bus distance or possibly a nearby airport would be perfect for the few occasions I return to the UK. I need a good English-speaking vet within walking/public transport distance as well as a Post Office. I need reliable internet in the property for work. I'll be living alone and would like a town with a decent night-life, especially somewhere that has musical events and festivals. Ideally, I'd like to find a house to rent, maybe on a try-before-buy basis (but I have 6 cats and 3 dogs) before taking the plunge. A nearby lake would be great, it doesn't have to be coastal. I know my wish-list is specific, but any help's appreciated, thanks!

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hi there.  I bought a house there in Bourbriac and enjoyed it. However now i have a husband  with multiple sclerosis and 2 kids and i am finding the caring role difficult so i am looking to sell my house very cheaply so that i can raise a little extra revenue while unable to work.

my neighbours in France are lovely , english and french speaking one is a teacher and the other working in theatre making his own honey and growing vegetables off the land. It is in the country side and only 10mins drive from the nearest town. and is also near the big town Guingamp

My longdetere is stone walled with fire place. extremely large living room space and kitchen, a double bed room and a box room and a laundry room, parking and garden . The estate agent valued it at €55 I will except €30

kind regards-

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Hi, thanks for getting in touch, I'm sorry to hear about your husband.  A close friend has MS so I understand how this condition affects people.  Could you send me some photos please? Is there any public transport to bigger towns? I'm currently learning to drive but of course, could get a voiture sans permis. Outside space is as important as inside space for my many animals. Thanks again, Ange

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