Why do the French not renovate old property?

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Was talking with a friend about my plan of moving alone to Brittany and about the cheap property to renovate and he asked why there was so much property there and why the French dont renovate it and he got me thinking.Why do they not renovate the cheap property but instead spend a lot more money building new style property in the same location?Any ideas?Ben

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Ronald-McDonald-933428 1587490448

Not everyone requires or appreciates the charm of an old stone house that requires more expensive maintenance and more money spent on heating, etc.  In many cases a new heat efficient house with modern spec safe electrics and plumbing can be built for the same price as a crumbling wreck.  Proof of indifference to the beauty of old houses is how quickly they are ruined by the addition of white plastic windows and mock Georgian B&Q style front doors.

benjames-407398 1587492539

Yes you are right about that. I guess I have so much love for them that I cant understand why they dont.

You are spot on about the cheap plastic add-ons aswell.

Thanks for your comment.

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1587832171

I really do love old houses and when I was lucky enough to afford one in UK I did a lot of research about the subject.  There is quite a bit to learn about renovating without destroying original features.  Not so critical in little French stone houses as there seem to be few distinctive identifiable details but you do need to be careful when using modern materials with old structures.  The stone structure needs to breathe.  A modern hard sand/cement mix limits the breathing and can cause problems in some instances.

Nipper 1588001156

The French buy property to live in, not renovate and sell.

benjames-407398 1588001314

Yes, you are right. They have a different mindset. 

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1588098097

The days of tarting up and selling to make a quick buck never really made sense here.

benjames-407398 1588100577

Having property to live in rather than make a quick buck is something I greatly admire. Same as the whole 'work to live, not live to work' attitude. Truly eye opening.

catch22-814199 1593163255

To renovate an old property is more expensive than having a new one built.

benjames-407398 1593168425

Really? I might look into the cost of building one and see

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