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Hi everyone,     Just in case no-one else heard it, they said on BBC radio news this morning that Windows is going to be subect to attack by a worm which could be nasty.  Also a friend rang me from the U.K. to say run my Norton Anti Virus there and then.   Sounds as if it is a nasty one - haven't some people got better things to do?                                  Cheers,       Pam

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See the discussion on AngloINFO Riviera, with helpful links:

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Many thanks Admin, wil go and look.

All the best.


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Yet more thanks, Admin.   As suggested I went off to the Riviera forum and found lots of useful info and believe it or not an Engllish friend here rang yesterday to say he'd got the Blasted Blaster and could he come and use my computer.   He found no end of useful tips and has finally got rid of the wretched thing - all praise and thanks (sounds like a hymn) from Pam, Richard and She Who Shall be Nameless, who forgot to download the latest Norton updates..........


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