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Hi This is my first post to the AngloINFO forums. I am moving to Brittany in the new year and have just bought a property near Morlaix. I aim to purchase 2 or 3 further properties when I have moved with a view to renovating them and renting them as holiday homes - as everyone else probably does! I am hoping that you may be able to give advice as i would also like to purchase a plot of land to place about a dozen static caravans on to rent during the Summer months. Would it be a nightmare getting permission to do this or has anyone done a similar thing already? I have a lot of experience in property letting in the UK but have no idea where to start in France! Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation. Andrew

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I am a uk resident and also a Dutch resident and have been banned from driving in the UK but I would like to move to France, I have read a European document that states when I leave they will have to return my Licence can any one give me any information on this and also I understand there are types of vehicles that you can drive in France without a licence.ie MOPED.

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Hi,   I have just spent over an hour failing to send an e-mail.   The connection was interrupted twice, was interfered with three times by a distant source and timed out a couple of times etc.   Was this because I mentioned the word "bush" earlier today in connection with digging something out? Pam

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I am researching an article on the British National Health Service and would like to hear from anyone who has come (or knows someone who has) to France to receive medical treatment that they couldn't get in the UK. Also anyone who has had a bad NHS experience in the last 12 months. Thank you. Fiona

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Hello, We have a variable interest rate for our French house. Does anyone know of a good website where we can monitor the interest rates? Thanks in advance Kirsty Achterhuis

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I have noticed several folk asking for advice about computer/internet problems. I can recommend this site:- http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/index.cfm?go=home.main It is full of very knowledgable people who give help and advice freely. You have to register to access the Forums but the site is free. To register there is a line in the top centre of the screen in blue "Not registered?" click on this. Ray

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I am looking at installing central heating into my house in France and was wondering what the french equivilant is to the BTU (British thermal unit) of a boiler etc. Is there a conversion from on to the other.

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Spotted this interesting information onthe Riviera site, there is a French association called LIGUE EUROPEENNE DE DEFENSE DES VICTIMES DE NOTAIRES which has a website here should you feel that your Notaire has let you down or misled you.In addition they have a list of Notaires currently under investigation here which could be interesting, though obviously no one is guilty of anything until proven so ,as they say.  

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moving to brittany in january have been issued an e106 which covers us for one year, we are not yet retirement age, 60 and 56 respectively, does anybody know how this works in practise, we know we take the form to the social  office where they registar us what happens then when we have to see a doctor, do we need additional top up cover? we have asked the office in newcastle but they couldnt tell us. regards chris/andy

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Hello This is the first message I have ever posted on a forum so bear with me! I have just returned from Brittany having found a property and have signed the first stage - as I have the usual 7 days to "back out" I am now racking my brains for any points we have missed re moving to Brittany that may affect our decision! We are moving to a village about 10 mins from Lamballe and have the house is split in to two seperate appartments. The theory is that we will live in one and rent out the other either as holiday lets or as longer lets to temporary workers for about 3 months + at a time. We realise this will not support us but will only be a bit of "extra" money. I speak French and my other half is learning (!) so I am also keen to work as soon as possible but have nothing actually lined up! - I have loads of experience in the tourism area and am happy to try almost anything. We have thought long and hard about moving over and are sure we want to give it a go but at the same time we are wondering if we are completely mad as are both giving up jobs for a leap in to the unknown! If anyone out there has any helpful points, they would be much appreciated, even if it is to point out neagtives, we are trying to be as realistic as possible but also feel that occasionally you have to take risks in order to gain a better quality of life in the long run. I hope all this makes some sort of sense Many thanks Hannah           Hannah

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Im travelling to france in 2 weeks to live and have to bring my small jack russell. Ive got his passpprt etc but am worried as the ferry takes around 7 hours at the time we can come. Ive got sedatives for him but am worried as he gets very stressed in strange situations when he doesnt understand whats happening. He has to stay in the car and I can only see him at an allotted time, and that depends on the weather, if its rough I wont be able to go to the car deck. I was wondering if anyone else has had to travel this way with a hyperactive dog?! I could come through the tunnel but that would of course mean even longer in the car. Flying is not an option this time round so my choices are limited. If anyone has experience of this and can tell me how it went or offer any advice at all I'll be very very grateful. Thanks! jenny & stuart

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We will be moving toFrance on 28th of November and one of the million things Im starting to panic about is the car. I know that a left hand drive would be better but every 3rd week I will have to drive to the ferry and come back to the UK so need to drive here too! I have a peugeot 206 GLX which is not too old, it's 1998, and only has 37000 miles on the clock. I dont think Id get a great deal for it so I think it would be a shame to part with it. Has anyone had great difficulties driving with a UK car in France or would it come naturally after a while? Or have you all changed to left hand drives as its far easier? (I have organised to have the lights adapted accordingly on my car). Any help much valued! jenny & stuart

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Just out of interest more than anything I was wondering how the various members went about learning French so they could integrate and what their current level of comprehension is after how long in the country? Also one other question and if you don't like the question don't respond, if you want to get into a flame war over it email me at xazreal666x@yahoo.co.uk and I will be glad to posturate a suitable answer :oP. If you live in a highly "British" area do you think that the overabundance of English speakers has a real negative effect on your ability to integrate and get to grips with the language?  Does it also take something away from the whole "Frech" experience in aforementioned areas? Reason being is I'm a freelance writer and I'm doing a piece for a competition on the joys of living in France and how the mass exodus from England to France is affecting the locals and the English peeps making the move. Like I said if you find the question to have hidden offensive meaning then you probably need professional help.  It's not my goal to start a flame war, I want intelligent responses based on your experiences. And for those who are interested, I have been out here since March, I've taken French courses over here but the real benefit has been my girlfriends parents who after about a week of me settling in have refused to speak English.  I hated it for quite some time but now I understand they did it for my own benefit.  Although the wierdest thing has got to have been watching simpsons in French... I found the greatest problem was the confidence to get out there and just talk to the locals.

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Hi, One of my brothers has just purchased a property in Brittany. We are going over shortly to look at renovation ( family of builders/electricians etc ) but cant seem to find any regulations or standards for electrical wiring in France. Does anyone know where we can get a copy or find more information ? Any and all help greatly appreciated as 3 days on the internet using different search engines hasnt really produced much CheersMaria : )

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Hi, Can anybody please recommend an insurance company that does reasonable house and contents insurance? I've just had a quotation from AXA and it seems a bit steep. They quoted a price of 640 euros for the year on the assumption that we wouldn't be in the property for lengthy periods. Does this sound normal? I'd be interested to know if any of you in a similar situation are getting a better deal than this. Thanks, Mick  

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Looking for bass player urgent; paying gigs waiting. must live in or around Moncontour. Or Loudeac..............even. stratboyslim

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I am trying to arrange a plumber to meet with me in Plenne Jugon on the following dates to give me some prices for revamping a bathroom. Wednesday 26th November or Thursday 27th November.... Can anyone help......................   Many Thanks

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I'm a journalist based in London and I'm looking for British people who've moved to France who'd be interested in having their story written up in a magazine. Your story doesn't have to be that unusual - you just need to have taken the plunge to live your dream - from starting your own vineyard to running a b&b. If you think your story is interesting/unusual, please drop me an email.Bye 

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Can anyone advise whether one must produce marriage certificates and divorce decrees absolute when purchasing property in France. A serial marrier and divorcee will have problems if all are required!! I have also seen it suggested that originals are no good and copies have to be recently certified. Is this true?   DHS DHS

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We have a holiday home in Brittany but are considering moving to France permanently as retirement looms soon. We are a little afraid of moving to one area and finding that we become isolated / bored / stuck. Can any of you kind people please give us any advice for living in France and perhaps give us some varied views and ideas on areas. As France is so big we may even consider buying several properties, depending on the (overinflated!) price we are going to sell our London home for, which areas are still reasonable value and attractive? Thousands of other questions but we will start there!

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