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In the UK Ive been on aol at a good monthly rate. I was hoping to get Broadband in France but have been told that St Guyomard (near Vannes) doesnt have it as yet. Ive also been told that wanadoo is the best service provider there. Can anyone advise on that? Ive also heard that there is a satelilite dish you can buy with a 'chip' which enables you to get fast internet access, does anyone know about this? I will have t do a lot of work on my computer in France and will have to send out large files so speed and efficiency as well as cost are very important. The trouble is, when it comes to computers (I have an iMac not a pc by the way if it makes a difference) I am to computing as an elephant is to ballet dancing so any help will be gratefully received! Thanks jenny & stuart

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Could anyone tell me if UK appliances are OK for France? We will be moving shortly and have a TV, fridge, microwave, cooker etc etc.... I believe that some cookers do not wrk in France, is that correct? And what about the TV and other appliances? Any advice much appreciated. jenny & stuart

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Having made the decision to move to France we have recently returned from a fact finding trip to Brittany and have fallen in love with the area around Pontivy i.e. Cluegerec, Guemene,Gourec etc. Can anyone recommend a good notaire/estate agent dealing with properties around this area ? thanks

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My partner and I are relocating to Brittany next year and he would love to run a business from home as he is a full time dad. He is throwing ideas around like mad and would like some feedback on some ideas. Boarding Kennels Farm shop/garden crafts/herb nursery Classic car storage Chauffeuring Any advice on the market for the above would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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I will have to come back to the UK every 3rd week and will not be able to bring my little dog for the first few times so I have to find a really good kennel which will take great care of him for the times Im away. i will be living in St Guyomard not far from Vannes. If anyone can help I would be so grateful! Thanks jenny & stuart

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I have just come back from our house in Brittany and have been having a chat with the locals.   Our house needs modernising/renovating and I was told “you can modify the inside of the property up to 170m sq before you need an architect and planning permission”   Is this true? Can you modify (add rooms to an empty loft space, add central heating rewire etc) up to 170m sq?   On the same note this same person told me that I could rewire the whole house (I would make sure it is installed to the French standards) and it would not need to be inspected by the EDF because I am already connected to the mains, all I would have to do is apply for a new meter (for say “economy 7” or the French equivalent) and this would be connected to the new consumer unit.   Is this True?   Thanks   Doug

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I've just discovered this amazing site and was up until 4am reading and learning from all you very knowledgeable forum folk. I have to say Angloinfo beats all the information I have gathered to date regarding moving/relocating and living in France. We are hoping to move to Britanny (our lifelong dream) as soon as our house is sold in the UK and have already been over a few times to view properties. We are intending to run Gites to provide us with an income and have found a lovely rural Farmhouse with several outbuildings (barns/farm  buildings) which would convert into Gites.  From the information read to date I gather that this may now not be feasible in Britanny as, due to recent EEC rules, we may have problems obtaining the appropriate planning approvals to change from agricultural use and obtaining the Certificate D'Urbanism. The Farmhouse is located just on the outskirts of St Mayeux just south of Corlay. Advice would be appreciated on the following: Is there a demand for Gites in this area? ( any advice on living in this particular area would be appreciated).  Is it a good area to start up a Gite complex, we have been advised by the agents that all areas of Britanny are good areas for Gites. Are they still popular or have we missed the boat?. We would like to install a swimming pool as I understand that Gites with swimming pools are more in demand, particularly in rural areas. Does anyone know whether recent approvals for a venture of this type in this area has been turned down  and if so, the reasons why (I understand that there are EEC rules on green belt land). If we were in a position to proceed with this purchase (it is currently subject to the sale of our house), I understand that initially it is wise to meet and speak to the Mairie about our plans and the safest way would be to include a condition of sale clause in the compromis de vent which stipulates "subject to certificate of urbanism", at what stage would we have to submit the plans?.  Would the Mairie need to see the proposals prior to issuing the CDU?. Can anyone recommend an Architect that they have actually used and been happy with (preferably english speaking, we are trying to learn the language but will not be fuly conversant at the start) My husband intends to carry out the majority of renovation work along with builders when required. Would it be worth our while to invest in a mini digger prior to the move and bring it over to France or purchase/hire one over there?. Is there a demand for this type of work?   Sueb

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Has anyone achieved reception from the UK over and above Radio 4 on long wave in the north of Brittany (Dol area) and if so what type of antenna you have fitted.  We are moving into a longere south of Dol and would love to be able to receive most Beeb stations if possible. Moving to Britanny in 2004

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Hi everyone, does anybody know of any good plasterers that will be able to do quite a bit of skimming and plastering for our house in Region 22 (Mur de Bretagne area)? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Mini x

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ok repeating probably what has been asked a million times b4 (sorry lol) I am a Brit, I want to live in France. Now I have been to and fro from this country over a period of 8 months, never spent more than 3 months here and the local prefecture has never had a problem with it, basically my girlfriend is in France and it's becomming expensive and difficult making the voyages.  So as I said I've spent a lot of time here, mainly getting to grips with the language in various short courses (let me tell you for a country where French is the national language it's not that cheap to find decent French courses) and of course figuring out if I will actually enjoy the place.  So now I am ready to make the move. I have plenty saved to cover living expenses for a couple of years at least The only thing that confuses me and drives me absolutely insane is the medical system.  I finally managed to understand how CMU works and how to apply etc and also have a list of decent top up insurers that cover what isn't covered by CMU but everything I read is like either an E111 form or an E106 form and then proceeds to go on about how French authorities don't recognise the E111 after one year and blah blah.  So my question is what form do I need as someone who will be moving here to seek work and has been employed since he was 17 (now 25 so you know). Any help you can give will result in me forming a strange cult to worship you from a distance :) Cheerz, Paul

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Where can i go to find out the history of where i live. I mean the house -its actually classed as a village- that we live in. I dont really want to ask the locals because my french isnt that good and i would rather beable to read something. I would like to go back the 300 years not just recent and dont want to go to the marie as the mayor isnt usually there just his secetary who doesnt even know what day it is! Any ideas would be very welcome. thanks shirley

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Hello, I would just like to recommend the company 'MortgageFrance' for their excellent service and help. We had  brilliant FREE service from MortgageFrance as they cover their costs direct from lenders. We'd been messed about so much and I finally approached Carole with 4 days left on the Compromis de Vente and we needed a mortgage promise!! Low and behold it's all happening and soon we will own our holiday home in the Limousin region (23). My Husband and I are about to sign our final Act on Friday (7th Nov) and I feel sure this wouldn't have happened without them. I felt so strong for my need to recommend them to others that i wrote a letter to the French Property News magazine and keep recommending them to anyone i know buying a house in France. They are based in the South of France but deal with properties all over France, with anything to do with all mortgage and financial matters and i always had a answer to a question via email within about 30 minutes. Look at their website  www.mortgagefrance.com for more details. People are all to quick to complain about a bad service and i feel the outstanding ones deserve plenty of mentions too. Kind regards, Kirsty Achterhuis

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LOOKING FOR SUPPLIER IN BRITTANY AREA FOR  GLASS, SOLDER, COPPER FOIL, LEAD,etc...........Anyone out there know where to find these ???????? Bob Knapton

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Hello everyone, I have just moved to the Morbihan area and am trying to convert an old barn. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for: - architects or someone who could help me with plans and the permit de construie on a property over 170 m square? - a man with a digger to help me level the land and dig drainage ditches? - roofers? Millions of questions, that you have probably all heard before but any help would be much appreciated.

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Come on guys, let's 'fess up. What do we really mean by "a fair amount of rain"  ??   ;-) ... For example, in Florida, I have been told, in the summer it rains thunder and lightning every afternoon. That I couldn't tolerate easily. But in Brittany, away from the coast, are we talking about 2 -3 days of rain a week, or a little rain almost every day, or heavy downpours on a regular basis throughout the year .... The last time I was there, in summer 1979, we had a heatwave, and the time before, in 1974, same thing. We were camping, so were very aware of the weather! (I remember being given sea urchins to eat by a French camper - wasn't quite sure what to do with them but he said eat them like oysters ...) I'm not going to let the truth about the rain put me off - just wondering whether I need wellies for the dogs as well as the visitors!! Diane.      

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Does anyone have a person they can recommend who would be willing to clear away all the  cardboard  in our sous-sol, in the form of delivery boxes acquired when we moved here, plus boxes from my addiction to internet shopping. The dechetterie is quite near and I should imagine all would fit into a small van quite easily. Willing to pay 100 Euros. Help plse   Julie    

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hello to you all.                    My brother has asked if you could help him with information concerning the french equivalent to our council tax,he purchased a property in france last year the property is in need of a large amount of work,being a builder he will undertake most of the work himself due to his workload in the uk he has not been able to get over to start the renovation and would like to know what outgoings in the form of taxes he will have to pay while unhabitable.He also recieves various letters from the french bank he had the mortgage with in french any advice on translating into english in the uk at a reasonable price?. c.j

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Hi folks we're looking for something to renovate but it must be cheap, we're both starting life again (at 58 and 60) after previously losing everything..... I suppose you could say it would be a "starter home" but not one of the new variety. As long as the roof, the walls are not too bad and it has floors, we'll consider anything. Are we asking the impossible? If anyone knows of something up to £20,000, would be glad to hear about it (told you it had to be cheap) Might be cheap if it's near a pig farm - hahahaha Thanks shirl

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Wondered if you could help me & my wife AGAIN! As we''re coming over to Brittany on 25th Nov to the 28th Nov to view our property which we are in the middle of purchasing in the Plenee Jugon area we need to know any of you builders/renovators would be able to arrange to meet up with us during our 3 day stay. We''re looking for some quotes & advice on renovating 2 outbuilding properties. THANKS ! Jen & Gaz

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I love internet shopping but am getting sick of routing things from either the U.S or U.K. Bob recommended a good cooking site http://www.meilleurduchef.com/cgi/mdc/l/en/index.html and this is excellent for ordering anything to do with cuisine. However I am seeking clothes online sites, apart from La Redoute, and good shopping sites in general, especially with Christmas on the way. Suggestions gratefully received Julie  

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