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hello to you all.                    My brother has asked if you could help him with information concerning the french equivalent to our council tax,he purchased a property in france last year the property is in need of a large amount of work,being a builder he will undertake most of the work himself due to his workload in the uk he has not been able to get over to start the renovation and would like to know what outgoings in the form of taxes he will have to pay while unhabitable.He also recieves various letters from the french bank he had the mortgage with in french any advice on translating into english in the uk at a reasonable price?. c.j

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Hi folks we're looking for something to renovate but it must be cheap, we're both starting life again (at 58 and 60) after previously losing everything..... I suppose you could say it would be a "starter home" but not one of the new variety. As long as the roof, the walls are not too bad and it has floors, we'll consider anything. Are we asking the impossible? If anyone knows of something up to £20,000, would be glad to hear about it (told you it had to be cheap) Might be cheap if it's near a pig farm - hahahaha Thanks shirl

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Wondered if you could help me & my wife AGAIN! As we''re coming over to Brittany on 25th Nov to the 28th Nov to view our property which we are in the middle of purchasing in the Plenee Jugon area we need to know any of you builders/renovators would be able to arrange to meet up with us during our 3 day stay. We''re looking for some quotes & advice on renovating 2 outbuilding properties. THANKS ! Jen & Gaz

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I love internet shopping but am getting sick of routing things from either the U.S or U.K. Bob recommended a good cooking site http://www.meilleurduchef.com/cgi/mdc/l/en/index.html and this is excellent for ordering anything to do with cuisine. However I am seeking clothes online sites, apart from La Redoute, and good shopping sites in general, especially with Christmas on the way. Suggestions gratefully received Julie  

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Hi everyone.  I'm moving to Vitre in November and I've trawled through the forum and been encouraged that most appliances will work in France...but what about cookers?  We have no gas so will be all electric and most UK cookers require 45amp supply and UK electrical regulations state that all houses have 45amp wiring for a cooker.  Is there a French equivalent?  Do I assume that all french kitchens have 45amp wiring? Any help out there?

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Hi everyone, Wondered if you could help me & my wife, we're coming over to Brittany on 25th Nov to the 28th Nov to view our property which we are in the middle of purchasing in the Plenee Jugon area & we need somewhere to stay for the 3 nights. Any recommendations or help would be appreciated, we need to be staying near to Plenee Jugon or Lamballe town. THANKS ! Jen & Gaz

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Can any one give me some advise on were I can find long-term rented accomodation have decided to rent a property first,and then look for a area and property to buy.I am single but have a dog.and properties I have looked at on the net do not allow pets.          CHRIS

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Hi to all, One thing missing on the site.......................l thought it would be a good idea to have a  "recettes" page.  Having left the UK in 1975 there are a few things still that l do miss. 1/ Toad in the hole 2/ English gravy 3/ Home made mint sauce                       so if anyone knows the preparation mesures of any of these, l would be most grateful. @+ dave

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I'd like to say hi to everyone in this email community. My name's Diane, I'm 50, I teach painting to adults part time, have two grown-up children, four dogs and a husband! I currently live in Kent but am gathering information for a possible move to France next year. What I have read so far in the forum has been very interesting, and Brittany sounds like it might be ideal for us. I do speak quite reasonable French, and have lived abroad a lot so am used to the idea of integrating into new communities. As a first question, I'd like to ask people's opinion on whether there might be a demand for painting classes from (possibly expat) adults and which parts of Brittany might be best for this. Where are the largest concentrations of English speakers? And any "must know" facts about Brittany that anyone can offer would be gratefully received. Looking forward to your replies, Diane.

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Does anyone know of any good websites to help me learn French?   Unlike most people I didn,t learn French at school( I studied German and Latin but they weren'nt my best subjects). However I recognise a lot of french nouns because of visiting Brittany often over the last few years. Because I never learnt the basics I cannot string them together and often have no idea of the pronunciation. I can therefore understand some of what is written in a French newspaper but I would not understand the same thing if spoken to me. Nor could I read it out loud so that a french person could understand me. I have got some Computer programs which I am starting to use but I am sure others must have found some good resources on the net. Sally

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Does anyone know a website with a good map of France, for example like Multimap (which covers the UK)? Thanks. Diane

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Where is everybody? There must be something exciting happening that I dont know about. Sally  

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We're moving to France and are trying research a suitable area. So I've millions of questions which I just can't find answers to. Our kids are nearly 1 and 4 years old. We can't work out WHERE in France we should be. (My husband works from home so our choice of town isn't affected by work - more the kids.) 1. - Can anyone shred any light on Where there's a concentration of British people, possibly bi-lingual nursery & school, which area there are activities for kids in (particularly in English) etc. Right now we're living in the South of Spain and in the town Fuengirola (near us) there is, for example, a high concentration of foreginers: Swedes, Brits etc. and LOTS of activities for kids, including: Mums&Tots groups in both the Swedish and the English churches etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Fuengirola is a great place for ex-pats to live with kids on the Costa del Sol and I'm trying to find out an 'equivilant' town/area in Brittany (or other part of France?) 2. - Are there any magazines for 'what's on for kids in Brittany'? (Here we have a UK magazine full of stuff for kids, called Kids on the Costa.) 3. - Also I wondered if anyone knows of any Drama schools for young kids in Brittany or even Paris - for 4yo's? 4. - What is the weather like??? I've looked at Rennes and Brest - according to the weather channel it's about 3 degrees Centigrade now? The Cote de Armour looks really rugged and cold (although beautiful) - which is the coldest part of Brittany? Is Brest very windy? What about Dinard? And what about inland a bit, like Rennes? I'm really grateful for any local insight! Kat

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My son will be 18 years next march - that makes me sound old! he was born in the uk but went to school here for the last year and is now doing a building apprentership with a local firm and goes to the 'centre du formation du batiment' in Plerin every 3rd week. Can anyone tel me when he should get a CDS. Is there a certain age? Thanks very much shirl

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From previous threads I know that we have some knowledgeable folk on the subject of chainsaws. I am buying one in England and have finished up with selecting a Tanaka ECS 3351. The spec includes 33 cc engine, 14” guide bar and it is aimed at both amateur / professional. Any thoughts or other saws worth considering around the £220 mark?    

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Hi, I am probably going to seem a bit thick (or a lot) but what actually is a mediatheque? chris.

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Hi everyone,              It took exactly a year to complete the purchase of my tiny cottage in Morbihan due to the CdU first being denied then finally granted on appeal...so its a very precious document! The Notaire, as I recall, said that it would expire after a year though I have read in "Living & Working in France" that it lasts two years. Can anyone enlighten me please? I have only just got through the next hurdle of Permis de Traveaux, will have to wait forever for a roofer and the elusive fosse septique man, and am very worried that time is running out. Is it sufficient just to have made a start by the expiry date? Someone suggested just having a load of sand delivered, but that sounds too easy!              Also, I am looking for an electrician to check/re-do the basic disjoncteur and fuse board as I can see no sign of any earthing provision. Any recommendations of reliable artisans most welcome.                                           Best wishes from Ingrid  

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Hi all,   Just purchased a property, I know it's a bit late, but after reading one of the topics I suddenly had a nasty thought.   I have purchased a Longere, originaly one small house but extended twice to a building 5m by 40m. It has been listed on the legal details as a house for rennovation (as opposed to just a building, the notaire made a point of changing it) and had a Note d'urbanisme.   It has been used as a cattle shed, so......am I likely to have any problems rennovating back to a house?   Regards Chris

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I have wanted to move to France for ages but many things have prevented me from doing so. However, I feel that it must be now or never. I have read alot about Morbihan and it sounds wonderful.  I would like to know if it is difficult to rent somewhere for a month or two so that I can look around for a suitable property to buy. Also should I sell my furniture here and buy new in France when I have a property.  I have two big problems. One is called Harry (a bearded collie) and Rosie (a cocker spaniel). Is it difficult to find a rental where dogs are allowed? I do not wish to put them on a plane or leave them in a car in the bottom of a ferry so I am thinking about the channel tunnel where I believe I can travel with them -anyone done this?   I do not speak French but I have started lessons and want to continue until I can converse well with French people. Are there French classes for foreigners in Brittany. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Alice

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i am 34 years old and my partner and i, along with my parents are (seriously) thinking of buying an old property in southern brittany. we are hoping to find something that needs a bit of work - thankfully, my dad is a retired builder & has taught me well. we would like to turn part of it into gites or a b&b. my parents are a dab hand at that aswell, they had a hotel in blackpool for years. can anyone give us any tips, or experience stories? Also, my partner is a qualified mechanic (bikes and cars), he is a bit worried about finding work, he worked for ford main dealers for years & now runs a workshop for rangerovers, would he find it difficult getting work? any stories or views would be gratefully appreciated.     annie

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