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We have bought a house near Malestroit recently but have no immediate plans to move in. We need someone to check in on our home, forward mail etc.(twice a month) and are willing to pay. Would anyone be interested. Frank & Tina Dunne  

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As a recently (young) retired UK resident, I plan to buy and renovate in Brittany early 2004, or perhaps later this year if I can sort things out here by then. I probably have a million questions and a lot of them can be answered in the reference books that I have obtained. However, there is no substitute for experience and I would like to hear from anyone currently living in Brittany who can offer me some advice. Some background: - I live on my own, I speak very liitle French, my budget (in total) is approx £100k, I can turn my hand to most DIY but not the specialist jobs. - I am an ex-Project Manager so hopefully I will be able to plan this properly.  - When the project is complete, I will hopefully stay but I will need a contingency to sell quickly if it does not work out. My main issue initially, is where to live? The whole of Brittany looks beautiful but should I look to the north where the ferry ports are closer and it is easier to visit both ways or is this really a problem? What is the best way to do a property search, there are so many advertisers on the net? Remoteness is not an issue to me personally but will it make selling harder in the future? Bretons have a reputation as being friendly, is this the case all over and should I avoid the Celtic speaking areas for launguage reasons? Should I be looking towards areas where there is a substantial ex-pat community?   Just a start I know but any advice will be gratefully received. Frank  

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I will be moving to Brittany shortly and wondered how others get on with the language. My basic conversational French is passable, I can book rooms in hotels, order in restaurants, go shopping and find my way around but after that Im lost. I would love to know if people living there already have attended french classes, and if so did you do this before leaving the UK or after you arrived? Or whether it becomes easier to pick up once you are living there (I assume it must) or whether some dont even worry too much about learning. I would really like to be able to converse with everyone so I need to improve it a lot! I have found that people do appreciate my efforts even though they may be dreadful....Any advice appreciated. Jx jenny & stuart

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We're in the process of buying a house near Langonnet (half way between Quimper and Pontivy). The property needs a few various jobs doing on it (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, paving etc), so we really need a maitre d'oevre type person to organise / do it all. Some of the jobs, particularly roofing, need doing before the bad weather sets in. Does anyone please know of a reliable "entrepreneur" who could be trusted to do the work while we're not there? On balance, we would probably prefer a French person as he would probably be more familiar with the local building regulations, but, provided he's reliable and competent, we're not picky. Mick

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As an escaped "townie" can someone please tell me the best way to store apples so they keep for at least a couple of months - I have loads of eaters and cookers but they are all ready now . . . . . . How else am i going to have my apple cake wth cinnamon on the Christmas dinner table? cheers,   Bob

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I have just been visiting the riviera site and noticed that they now have nearly 11000 members (including visitors like me). It made me wonder how many members we have( you see that I feel that Angloinfo Bretagne is a club that belongs to us rather than a commercial site!). Does anyone have any idea how many Britons have homes in Brittany compared with the number in (on) the Riviera? How many people who use this site would consider themslves as visiting from the Riviera? Sally  

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Anyone know a good heating engineer in 22 or 29 that speaks English and can understand my problem and could tell me why my boiler keeps on malfunctioning.  Please its driving me bonkersKerbo

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Does anyone know how to get in touch with the society that looks after and promotes Brittanys canals? I have found various links to www.bretagne-fluviale.net but they dont work.I have tried www.bretagne-fluviale.com but that is a boat hire company. Brittanys canals seem very beautiful and are very under-used compared with English ones. I would like to learn more about them. Sally

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Hi everyone, just wondered if any of you out there lived around the Plenee Jugon area as both myself & husband are looking to move out to this area in Feb 2004. We'd love to hear any of your stories & experiences (good or bad) about moving to this area & would like to know if any of you would like to meet up once we've moved over there? We'd also like to hear from anyone out there who knows or is a general all round builder who would be willing to help us out with our large renovation project. We're looking to renovate 2 old outbuildings into 2 bedroom size 'Gites' including all other normal facilites (kitchen, lounge & bathroom). Please contact us either direct via our email or through the forum, we look forward to hearing from you . . . Jen & Gaz

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I have been living in Brittany for the last year and have put on 3 stone in weight, as I wasn't "petite" to begin with this is becomming a "gros" problem, does anyone else have this problem, is it the bread?

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I keep sending away to Amazon for French books and wondered if any of the list members had book recommendations. I have quite a few now but the one I can heartily recommend is '555 French verbs'. Full conjugations of each verb, loads of slang included - in all, this is the best book I have. Julie

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Hello knowledgeable forum folk ; I have a little problem and while I hope nobody has experienced similar, I wonder if another has and may be able to shed a little advice. I purchased a property recently and everything went ok. Before this, I viewed another with a different agent and pulled away from the sale during the sevenday cool off due to ommissions and irregularities on the compromis de vente. All by the book and within my rights, as I thought. Then I discover that once you have handed over some money, they will fight tooth and nail to keep on to it with an endless and changing list of exuses despite you being on rock solid legal ground. Aaaaagghh! So, I will have to revert to the lawyers and blow alot of money. Does anyone know an easy way around like who is an official body or arbitrator in such circumstance? Any help greatly appreciated (with several bottles of Calvados!!!).

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Just thought that I would  put this down to all the new comers in rural areas, obviously personnal opinion but................................... When you move in to your new place or first holiday there it is worth stocking up on a few bottles:- ie Red wine, white wine, "cassis" liqueur, beer & fruit juices. The bretons are naturally curious, but in an unoffensive way, you will no doubt have your neighbours walking past semi-discreetly looking in, I found the best thing to do is to invite them in for a "aperitif". If they agree, they will no doubt come in, have a drink, then another (usually they stop at two). And will no doubt invite you to their house in the not to distant future for the return match. The older generation of Bretons will not invite you to a meal, unless, perhaps, if it is a big gathering. So don't think that they are being inhospitable if this happens. Then again, if they do, it means that you have made a very good impression on them. What do you others think? Kenavo!Dan

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I read somewhere that Brits can now vote in certain elections in France , is this true and how do you go about it?

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Anybody knows a good place and cheap to rent a van transit in the 56 region just for one day thanks breizh56 

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On another thread, Mel was asking about making friends and Bald Eagle replied saying about waving and shaking hands. I also spent the first six months of being in France waving and smiling at anyone who looked at me when in and around my house. Surprisingly quickly friendships were struck and when meeting in bars or village shops afterwards people knew the face and i was no longer an outsider.  The English do have a reputation for being aloof and so I feel it worth mentioning, for any recent arrivals in Brittany, that Breton manners, in small villages and towns, when entering a shop is to nod and say "madame" , "monsieur" or "mesdames et monsieurs" as appropriate. When entering a bar, pass around the room and shake hands with everyone and say bonjour or bonsoir, (after 18.00hr as a guide) not forgetting the bar person, this is the custom and you soon do it as a matter of course, when you see Bretons doing it, dont assume it is because they know everyone. I think the tradition comes from ancient times when this demonstrated that you didnt have a weapon in your hand and had come in peace! If any of you have noticed other customs then please let me know, regards   Bob

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we are renting a place in plouhinec 56 and our lease runs out ,so we are looking to move somewhere else but we dont know where , where is the place in bretagne where there is the most english speaking people my partner is irish and me breton and we have a little girl of 4 month.....

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Dear brittanydirect In responce in your interpretation of the spelling Kenavo, the knowledge in which I have always known is as follows. There is only two ways in spelling kenavo; until it will be   ken a vo ; until it will be   There is no other way of spelling this. I do not dispute that different pronunciations of this word exists around the different provinces but the spelling remains the same. This is also similar to that of the Irish and welsh language where it is common to find differnt pronuniations of the same word. The breton language was first recorded in the year 600 AD and it is one of the oldest druidic languages used. I wish only to provide you with the correct spelling of my native language. I spent 10 years living in london and appreciated people assisting me in my quest to speak and write fluent english.  I would appreciate your sharing of the spelling of Kenavo and where you obtained this.   As for the name of your village it might be explained by the history of the town Pluméliau comes from breton « pleased » or « plou » (parish) and of holy Méliau.  Pluméliau is a primitive former parish that included formerly the current territories of Pluméliau (with his trève Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux), Remungol and moustoir-remungol.  The foundation of the parish dates back to the VIème century, era of Holy méliau.  It seems that the territory of Pluméliau was dismembered to the profit of Remungol and The Moustoir.  Pluméliau included the trève of Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux.  The principal seigneurie of the parish was the one of the Kerveno, family known as early as the end of the XIIIème century.  This seigneurie is erected in marquisat in 1624 under the Baud name kervéno.  The foundation of the prieuré of Holy nicolas of Castennec dates back to 1120.  The parish of Pluméliau depended formerly deanship of Perhoët Here are  the different spellings of your home town : Ploemelieu (en 1427), Ploemeliau (en 1448), Ploemilliau (en 1464), Plomeliau (en 1477), Plomelliau (en 1481), Ploemiliau (en 1513), Plumeliau (en 1536).  Breizh56

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I am selling my house in UK and moving to Brittany. I need temporary accomodation probably from the end og November for up to six months for myself retired civil servant male and housetrained. Prefer to leave my furniture in UK so would prefer something furnished. Dog (large) and two cats (Siamese) also housetrained. Prefer somewhere near Le Faou/Daoulas as that is where I would like to buy a house. DHS DHS

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My Mum & Dad (early 70's) are hoping to relocate to Brittany next year, any advice on ex-pat locations would be gratefully recieved Nigel

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