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My Mum & Dad (early 70's) are hoping to relocate to Brittany next year, any advice on ex-pat locations would be gratefully recieved Nigel

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Can anyone tell me, please, is AOL having a breakdown or am I? Pam

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Hi everyone, Now this is going to sound really daft and typically english but I am running out of ideas what to cook for my family :0( When I was living in the UK it was easier to go to icelands and grab something put it in the oven and eat it but now its a whole new ball game! I cant find packet sauces like sausage casserole mix, nor can I find balti mix or beefburgers or frozen sausages or tortilla wraps lol. Please help me come up with some decent menus that I can cook for my children before they starve or I burn the kitchen :0( Lots of love Mel xxx

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Hello everyone,I am interested in advice regarding moving myself my husband and twelve year old son to Brittany.Firstly I would be intererested to hear from anyone who commutes back to the uk for work,it would seem my husband would need to do this at first,this then opens up more questions such as where would tax be paid etc ... The house buying process seems complex although lots of usefull info on this site,regarding a house for renovation,we would like to take on a project ourselves with the help of friends who are tradesmen in the uk,could this cause us problems??. Would value any advice on the above and anything else that anyone could add that could be usefull to us in finding a new life in france thanks

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Hi there, we are in the process of purchasing an old mill in the Penguilly/Plenee Jugon area of Brittany & are hoping to move out in Feb 2004 (if all runs smoothly), there are loads of questions that we need to ask, but just a couple to start with for now. The first is to ask about electrical & gas appliances, basically we need to know if there are any appliances that we can't take with us when we move. A friend of ours thinks that we can't take our fridge as they are built differently in France because the French Electricity is different. Is this true? Or are we able to take anything & just use the plug adaptors? The second question we need help with is that we need to open a bank account in France & wondered if any of you had advice on who is best to use. Ideally we'd like to deal with someone who is able to speak English. We've heard that some English Banks/Building Societies are set up in France, but would like to know which of these actually are.  Many Thanks Jen & Gaz

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I understand a UK TV will not receive French Programmes. Do I need a licence for a UK TV which will only play DVD's or Videos?? Will a UK 'digibox' work in France?         Regards Bob

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Hi everyone esp bob lol, Bob could you email me the CDS details for the vannes office as my outlook express is not working and its all on there lol. Do you happen to have the phone number of the office or the office name so I can look it up in the book? My email is melanie.angel@tiscali.fr I have read in the post below that some people are saying a CDS is not needed anymore yet I have tried to get medical insurance with my bank and cant get it til I get a SS number but cant get a SS number until  get a CDS.....   Lots of love Mel xxxx A tidy house is a sign of a broken PC

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Anyone know of any vintage clothing shops in the area? cjn

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has anyone any experience of either renting or buying second hand diggers in france.  we have brought a farmhouse and land near fougeres (35) and i need to undertake quite a large amount of excavation including reducing levels to the bottom of a 5 acre field, installing 1, possibly 2 fosse systems and the possible creation of a small lake/large pond.  these works would not all be undertaken at the same time. We have even considered buying an old jcb in the uk and exporting. can anyone throw any light on this or do you live closeby and have a digger? many thanks the ashworths

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hi all, still waiting to sell our UK home, but can't wait 'til its sold. Anyone know the following, do they have television licence in France? Do they have child benefit?Do they have an old age pension, my in-laws may eventually join us, and we need to know if they'll get paid by the UK overnment or the French system would claim from UK and pay it to them direct in France. Also does French government claim for UK child benefit and pay that to us also, (if there is such a thing). Thanks for any answers Nick and Mauricea

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hi Please, is there anyone out there who can help? my partner's son is looking for a 2 bedroom rental property for himself, partner and child....in the Rennes area. They've visited some real dumps, expensive too......does anyone know of a nice place for long term rental at a reasonable price? thank you, in hope..... shirl

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Plan to buy property in Britanny / Loire over the next few months have started preparation work, but would really benefit from anybody who has bought a property recently in France requiring renovation. Would appreciate anybody replying who has had first hand experience of finding property, the buying process, renovation etc. Regards, Markmac markmac

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Hello Just found the site. Need lots & lots of help if I am to join my boyfriend to make a new life in Brittany along with my 7 yr old daughter whose dad I am not yet divorced from & who will no doubt "fight" the move !!!! I am committed to a move sometime next year. Boyfriend is already there. Happy not to be working. Divorce should be "done" by early 2004. Need info about carte de sejour, schools, brownies or similar activities for children (Loudeac area). Also can anyone tell me where all the children go after school-never see any children playing. Will have lots more q's. Leave it at this for now. Heres hoping   Jill  

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We're just at the start of buying our own place and need a lot of advice, can anyone give us their thoughts on buildings and contents insurance.  Can anyone recommend an insurance company?  Thanks.   steve

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Hi, we bought a house in central france (St Amand Montrond) about 6 months ago and are really enjoying working on it etc. the neighbours are really really helpful and the area is really excellent. We have an old farmhouse that is a two up two down, one of the upstairs room was used for a bedroom (so no problem with conversion of use etc). It had a horrible false ceiling covered in plastic (nice!). So we've taken that down and now want to insulate and roof up by the beams to leave the large ones exposed. The roof construction is ceramic tiles on lats (i.e. you can see the tiles from underneath). It seems to be in good shape and water tight. What is the normal way of adding insulation to this type of roof. I was thinking of putting a reflective material stapled to the beams (available from leroy martin) , then something like rockwool or fibreglass to fill down to the underside of the beams and then screw/nail plasterboard to the vertical running beams leaving the horizontals exposed (as they are huge and quite nice wood. Obviously I'll throroughly treat the wood first. this is the construction I was thinking about below *********************** tiles *************** 2 inch air gap/2 inch air gap/2 inch air gap/ [beam]///rockwool///[beam]///rockwool/// [beam]///rockwool///[beam]///rockwool/// [beam]///rockwool///[beam]///rockwool/// maybe polythene sheet?maybe polythene sheet? plasterboard/plasterboard/plasterboard/ Is this ok or do I really need to strip to roof and add felt? Al. Any responses welcome! Al

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My husband and myself are moving permanantly to Merdrignac in central brittany in December, does anybody out there know where we could go for french classes please? by the way love the web site

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Hello everybody, I am new to this so bear with me please. I wonder if anyone can help. We are currently in the process of buying a holiday home in the Pordic area. 1) Do you know of any reasonably priced furniture shops in the area that will also deliver? 2) We will probably need to get our lawn mowed (fairly small)every 2weeks or so, does anybody know of anybody who does this and can be trusted? 3) Are there any good restaurants (Indian/Chinese) in the area? 4) Does anybody know of a good insurance company for properties abroad? 5) Dopes anybody use the Brittany Ferries Property Owners Club? is it worthwile or is it better to wait for seasonal discounts? Thanks Chris

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hi everyone who reads this, we have just discovered this web site, i.e today. We think its great, and we feel that the information your are giving leads us to believe that there are some trustworthy people among you. With that in mind, would any of you have good suggestions of property websites to visit, know of any cheap ways to get over to look at the properties we are interested in. e.t.c. I (nick) used to live in france when in my late teens, i am 32 now, and we have just made our decision to get over there to start a new life in bretagne, my french is good, mauricea's french needs polishing up, and we have two small children to boot. we are looking to maybe buy a property (or two) to rent as gites and another to live in. we don't have huge expectations of income, just enough that we can be comfortable. Also we are not looking to buy a mansion, again comfortable and happy is all wish to be. If anyone has any thoughts or could help us in any way, then please feel free to post or e-mail. we will of course reply to any specific questions, and hope that one day we could become part of the cosmpolitan life of bretagne.. many thanks nick and mauricea

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Hi This may be the least read message but if it helps one person it will be worth it, to everyone else I apologise in advance. I have recently concluded a condition on property report and specification for renovation for a client. Unfortunately they completed on the property in April and are now the proud owners. The ex husband was a builder and beleived it was within his capabilities to renovate this property concluding unwisely that just because it was advertised 'for renovation', meant it could be renovated[ mistake one]. No alarm bell rang as the Notaire explained that the property could not be demolished and re- built[mistake two]. Nor did they enquire as to how long the property had been on the market, many, many years, not so strange I hear you say, many properties have been on the market forever. In this case both in the local english community and the french this property and its problems were known to some degree. Lack of research, local knowledge, difficulties with communication and being swept along to buy the second property seen the same day, [viewed, offered, accepted in less than 24 hours][mistake 3]. The property is in a state of collapse, located close to a road and another property it presents a danger. Because of the prohibitive clause that it may not be rebuilt it has little to no land value as it is most certainly not a building plot and the property is beyond renovation. Bought in haste these clients indeed may repent at leisure. This is a sad sad case and I am pleased to say it is not a regular occurence. The clients were more than happy to employ a specialist now to carry out reports and recognise that had they done so prior to purchase it would have been money well spent. They have asked me to pass this message on to other would be purchasers that having an expert inspect your property prior to purchase and even quantify the works necessary both in specification and projected cost is a worthwhile and essential expenditure in the purchasing process. My client is adamant she will not give up in finding her dream home in France, thank goodness, but it has been a costly mistake and may be ongoing for years to come, for her. For further advice please feel free to e-mail me. Happy hunting. Regards Cas cas

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