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Hi everybody has anyone ever heard of the following. You can increase your habitable space by 20% every 2 years without the normal planning permission by sending pics and sketches to the local mairie and as long as he does not reply after 28 days you can go ahead. This was told to an english friend by his french neighbour and it does include outbuildings. Anyone ever heard of anything like this befor......... many thanks for any replies Glyn

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Hello all, Just wondering if any one knows the owner of a D reg golden Nissan Bluebird, which someone has kindly "deposited" out side my fathers house nr. Baud Ker navo!Dan

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I am interested in your opinions, Is Brittany real estate increasing in price really? If so where in particular? Is this being fired by the estate agents? By the English buyers of homes in this area? Are houses in Brittany still good value compared to the UK? (a market i am out of touch with for the last four years) Are there a shortage of any particular sort of houses in Brittany, or in France in general? Would anyone be interested in, for example, retirement bungalows in Brittany? I look forward to your replies,   regards,Les

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I had an awkward letter to write so put it into a free translation service which returned the name Guernsey as "Pull Marin" - I suppose Jersey and the others would be the same?  If nothing else, it's inventive and could even start a nice game for us for the winter!! Pam

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please help, i'm very confused! We have just recieved our first taxes foncieres bill. It is for 380 Euros. Much cheaper than in the UK, i know, but my neighbour is only paid 291 Euros and has an acre more than we do. Can anyone explain how they work out your payment as on the bill it only says where the percentage of your payment goes, and not how it is worked out. Thanks to anyone who understands this and can explain it to me 

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hi, my name is tina. my husband,7 year old son and myself are moving to brittany early next year. i will have finished school for travel & tourism. does anyone know how you go about getting a job as a engish speaking tour guide? or any travel related work? my husband is french,but i speak very little french. but i am learning.any info would help. thanks,tina moving to brittany

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Hello all, My partner and I had an appointment with the Mairie this afternoon.  Speaking to his secretary this morning (to check the appointment time 'cos he'd forgotten - men eh!) my partner was advised that we didn't need to see the Mairie and should go straight to Vannes for our Carte de Sejours.  I'm really disappointed as I've read a lot of advice on introducing yourself to the Mairie.  We haven't yet met our neighbours as they speak no English at all and our French pretty awfull - but I was hoping that meeting the Mayor would make me feel like we'd announced our presence and weren't being standoffish.  We will want to ask for a little planning permission (a conservatory) in the future and didn't want this to be the first contact with him. Has anyone any views or advice.  Should we still go and introduce ourselves or will it be seen an unnecessary and annoying by the Mairie?  Best wishes Jen

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Hi everyone, I know this question might sound a bit daft, but we have recently bought a house in Brittany and I am trying to find out which department we come under. I have been searching for some sort of map on the internet but to no avail. I have also emailed our estate agent but they haven't got back to me. We are in the Cote's region just bordering on Morhiban and the nearest town is Gouarec which is about 10 minutes away and Lake Guerledan is about 5 minutes. Can anybody shed any light?? Many thanks Mini x

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As mentioned earlier, we are looking to buy in the locmine area, (unless anyone has any other suggestions), we have read quite a bit on AI and it seems that baud and the surrounding area is getting a little overcrowded with gites. I this true? Are there any of you out there with first hand knowledge of this? Also, would there be anyone out there who would be able to help with a couple of micro entreprises? We have some ideas in mind and need to know how we get them off the ground legally. I say thie word legally because i've read the 'casual labour article' with great interest and was quite unnerved by it all. many thanks nick and mauricea

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A Big hello to you all, We are in the process of buying a small farmhouse in St Guen (Nr Loudeac/Pontivy) 22 - and quite excited of the challenge ahead of us.  We are in need of some local advice as we firstly want to make the house comfortable with electrics and running water.  With a view to possibly having it rewired and the necessary plumbing installed for a new bathroom and kitchen.  We have been looking at this web site for a few weeks now and think that it's really fantastic with all the support that is on offer. Local knowledge is so important and the advice that we have seen on most topics has been really useful. We live in the UK at the moment and as we are both involved in education so we get good holidays and will be able to dedicate our spare time to renovate (with help) the farmhouse. We hope to be over in October or December depending on when the purchase is finalised. And would welcome anyone local (or not) to the area to advise us on either electricians - plumbers - builders who would be willing to provide estimates and take on some work. Or anyone who is not too far from us in St Guen for a neighbourly chat about the area - Thanks Jill and Paul Harris       J-P Harris

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  Why is there no pip less grapes in France? GeGe

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We will be needing to hire a mini digger when we go over to France in the springtime - has anyone please got any addresses/contacts of hire places. Our property is in central Brittany - on the northern border of Morbihan between Merdrignac and Josselin. Thanks Hilary    

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Hi again, Identified a nice property near La Gacilly, the rest is down to the admin! We will need a modest income, some of which may come from the adjoining property above. In the meantime, are there any particular skills/trades or services (however basic) that always seem in short supply in the area? Even things like driving/minibus/taxi/keyholding/man-friday/fieldmowing/cleaning/maintenance/car servicing/PC repair,training,upgrades/vehicle rescue/outside catering? Your thoughts most welcome again! Len  

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Hi everybody, does anyone know where I can hire a concrete scabbler for a day thanks for any help Glyn

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We have just bought a property in central Brittany near Gouarec that may need more attention in the Garden that we had first hoped. We are going to see how we get on ourselves popping over as much as possible from England, but, if we have to admit defeat and maybe pay somebody in France to do some gardening for us, does anybody know if there are any British or French gardeners in the area who are willing to help out at a reasonble price. Thanks Mini x

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Hi All, Currently having a look at property in France (Western Loire) but would relocate there. Does anyone have any quick info (or know any websites) on the trend/forecast for the property market in this part of France. Just thinking if ever in the distant future I would need to move back to UK that I could get back in the Uk market. Thanks Steve

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All you lucky AOL users, please note that AOL seems to have stopped accepting e-mails from Tiscali, for some reason, returning the following message: AATM à distance mailin-03.mx.aol.com : erreur du réseau- Diagnostic SMTP : 554-(RLY:B1) The information presently available to AOL indicates this\r\n554-server is generating high volumes of member complaints from AOL's\r\n554-member base. Based on AOL's Unsolicited Bulk E-mail policy at\r\n554-http://www.aol.com/info/bulkemail.html AOL may not accept further\r\n554-e-mail transactions from this server or domain. For more information,\r\n554 please visit http://postmaster.info.aol.com.So apologies from me for any of you out there waiting for responses to e-mails! Any technical types out there who can shed some light??   regards,Les

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I will be moving over to Brittany to live next year and I have seen that children need to be vaccinated with the BCG injection so they can attend school.   My Daughter is only 8 and will be starting school over there in the New Year. Does she need to have this vaccination? If so there is not anyone in this country (UK) who will give it to an 8 year old.   Does anybody know what the facts are about this?   Thanks

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Hi, with a fair area of land, we co-own a small Quad bike centre in the NW UK. This offers both adults (on Big_Reds) and kids (on small restricted machines) an hour of well supervised fun (?). I would be interested in knowing if a similar market (probably seasonal) existed in potential in Brittany? Please note that Big Kids enjoy it more than little kids! L

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Hi All, First posting here and probably asking the most popular questions... Very interested in buying a property in West Loire area, seem to be able to gets loads for the money, especially with additional properties included in the price to let (hence make a living out of it). Just feel like getting out of the UK rat race. Has anyone else done this  - and succeeded? I have 4 children under 8. Is the transition big? Any quick hints and tips. Thanks. Steve

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