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I have just read an article in French property news about on 'Reduced VAT for restoration'.   It is saying that a contractor should be charging 5.5% vat and not the 19.6% vat for restoration work carried out on a house. They are saying that some contractors charge the 19.6% to the customer and come the time to declare it to the TVA office it miraculously gets ‘corrected’ to the 5.5%.   I have sent this same request to FPN and am awaiting their reply.    I have these questions:   1)       Has anyone had experience of this? 2)      Does anyone know what is deemed as ‘restoration’? 3)      Does this apply to all works carried out on the home by contractors?   The reason for this is that I have asked for quotes from a French builder to do my roof and he has said the materials will cost about 3500 euros and his labour charge is going to be about 5700 euros. The labour seems proportional high to the materials purchased. Perhaps I am wrong, it may really cost that much.   I am awaiting this in writing from him, so I can see his breakdown.   I do not want to be taken for a ride and this article has thrown up a lot of questions.   Help…….

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We had our cottage in Brittany re-roofed about 10 years ago.(slates and planks underneath).The cost was very reasonable and the roof is great. Now we are thinking of buying another house but it will also need its roof repaired(replaced?) Can anyone give me examples of roofing costs recently? Dos anyone know of a website that gives some idea of costs for various jobs? I know that these would vary widely but it could give an idea where to start. Sally  

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We have two children aged 5 and 8 and need some help as although we have been to France on Holiday not sure where the best place to buy would be as in getting back to UK easy but also being near the seaside as i suffer with asthma too. We are keen to hear from anyone with experience and advice as we are not sure where to start looking? Can anyone advise also on medical care in France? We are looking for a farmhouse with land but to work locally as both are experienced people? Transport/motor vehicle industry and social work. Look forward to any replys as would like to make it happen by next summer regards Rowena and Colin r hamilton

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Hi all, One of my neighbours has informed me most authoritively that if the skins on your onions are thick, it will be a long, cold winter.   If they are thin, it will be the opposite.   But another friend told me his onions haven't got any skins so what then one wonders?    Just thought you might like this little homespun advice!!!!  Pam

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Chirac, in his election campaign last year, said that he would slash income tax by 30% between 2002 and 2006 . Yesterday, Rafarin "slashed" the rate by a full 3% amid criticism from the EU, he missed a nought there didnt he?? If not, he has 27% to go in three years, I'm not convinced he's going to make it . . . . . . . . . . . .   regards,Les

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I am thinking of importing my old car to France, it is reliable runner (diesel) but it is not worth much, maybe £300. I plan to use it for the summer months (approx. 5 months). I intend to store it off road during the winter months on our property. Can anyone answer the following points? How complicated is it to import a car How do I contact, and does it have to be in person or can it be by correspondence Cost of the import Will it need to have the equivalent of a MOT on import and what is the cost of it (I believe this done every two years?). What sort of checks are done? I understand there is no road tax, but are there any other hidden fees to be paid I will require insurance, but only for 6 months whilst in use and to the equivalent of 3rd party. Any suggestions? I will still keep my other car in the UK for commuting, and therefore will have used all my no claims bonus; so do the French insurance system have a no claims bonuses and how does it work. I do not intend to return this car back to the UK. Sorry for the list but I thought this way I can clear and concise information to act upon. Adrian Adrian

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Hello all, I am moving back to Brittany next year with my Breton husband and 2 young children and am looking for some insider info on the two schools in Rennes that offer bilingual sections for English-speaking kids. They are the Ecole Jean Moulin in Villejean and the catholic Ecole La Palestine near the Thabor. I'd just like to know if anyone has kids at either of these schools and/or knows anything about the quality of education offered and number of English-speaking kids in each year group. A very specific question I know, but I hope someone knows something!

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has anyone had this problem???????? You are suppose to have health insurance before applying for the carte de sejour, but AXA insurance won't give me health insurance until i have a social security number, which i can't get until i have a carte de sejour. Talk about going round in circles! Can anyone advise how you get around this problem? Dino 

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Hi all Please can anyone help????????? I have heard alot about carte de sejour, some people say you must have it after 3 months others have lived here 2 years and haven't got it. I understand the mayor can get quiet horrible if you haven't applied for it. Can anyone advise me how i go about it Dino   Be Happy

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Help please, Everyone tells me that to get big rents even in Bretagne its good to get a swimming pool put in. I know nothing about a pool and the more I ask the more i am confused. Should it be tiled, plastic or with liner, what about flat or with a curve? Filters and water treeting ,   what is the best? And heating do we need it and if so what sort?   Does any of you have some suggestions please? thanks dutch freddy better late than never . . . . . .

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Rumour has it  that the BBc free to air cards are going to be scrapped and that the only way you are going to get Ch4,5 ITV and any other commercial channels is via a Sky package, a tad difficult if you are "overseas" as they demand you connect your box to the local telephone line so they can monitor you. Anybody got any ideas? Paul

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Does anyone know if France Telecom has the equivilant to BT's 1471. Thanks Pat

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Hi all, We have a beast of a fire place in the middle of the room and this will be our first winter in this house. We do have electrical heaters but would like to use the fireplace to heat the house as much as possible. A few tips on the use and what to look for would be appreciated. What defines good quality wood? What kind of wood is best? Would it be better to store it inside? We have a garage/cellar running under the house so plenty of room. What's the best way to build a fire? Can anyone recommend someone who sells a good quality of wood in the Dinan area? Thanks in advance! -- Tink (22)

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Does anyone know of a download that would change the language from French to English?  AOL suggested one, but when I contacted that website they didn't have a clue why aol had suggested them.  Any other tips greatly appreciated.

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I am not a keen gardener and it is my wife who has prepared part of our garden for seeding as a lawn in October when we return to England for a while. The query is:- Does anyone have any tips for spreading the seed equally rather than in clumps?

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We are considering living full time at our second home in France but have loads of questions, I see that angloinfo seems to have a lot of them answered ! One question though, can anyone recommend removal companies for moving to France, we are coming to the area just below Rennes and dont know where to start asking for quotes, or know how much is reasonable to move us from Basingstoke. Living in France is going to be a challenge, we can see the advantages, but what are the disadvantages and the things you really miss? Thanks, George  

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I own a french farmhouse and live in the south of france. I would like to convert the barn into a gite. I have been told I may be able to apply for a grant towards the cost. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to go about doing this

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Does anyone know the number of the international operator in France? I need to make a reverse charge call to UK and need to do this via the international operator.  Thanks for any replies.

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This might be a silly question, but I've just driven my car to get new car tax.  As it expires end Aug 03, have I just committed an offence to drive the car, even if it was to get the new tax?  I am concerned as a traffic warden was checking cars where I was parked in a car park and I'm not sure whether he took note of my vehicle with it showing that the tax has expired by half a day!  Thanks for any comments. Sandra

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