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This is for my sister who is seriously thinking of moving to France, not to where I am in the South, but possibly Brittany or Loire. She has a twelve year old daughter and I wondered if anybody could give me their personal experience of uprooting a near teenager, the problems, the surprises, etc. etc. I have my own opinions, but would be glad to pass any other views on to her to give her some food for thought. Thanks in advance!

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why, in France, is it up to the Prefect to decide when shops can have their sales? surely that's a straightforward commercial decision for the shopkeeper to make and none of the govt's business? seriously confused - and I really would like an answer if you've got one. I'm not just whingeing  :)

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Last week I posted a message that we were looking for an accountant. Bob replied to my message and gave the an address to contact. I immediately wrote and email to ask for an appointment and when they didn't reply to that I gave them a call and asked the receptionist for an appointment. She told me she would pass on the message and someone would contact me. Up till now no-one has. This has happened to us before (not with the same company) and we waited and waited but no reply. Can I asume they do not want our business and look have to look elswehere? Maybe we're spoiled being used to American customer service and courtesy. My experience up till now has been that companies love to make money and have you as a client. This kind of ignoring the customer is new to me and I wonder what to do. So what would you do? -- Tink (22)

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My double garage door is in a terminal state. The roof over it is only supported by timber and has sagged badly! I cannot find ready made lintels anywhere round here (29530) or on the net. I don't fancy this "on site" casting that tends to be the norm around here, the lintel needs to be 2.5 meters long. Any ideas?

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Can anyone recommend Chambres Hotes or cheap temporary accommodation in or near Honfleur , out of season , or a Website to look at ?   stg

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I have some correspondance with a certain Mr. R. ( Ronny ? ) S.Renshaw , concerning a 1934 Standard Avon soft top convertible which was almost completely restored apart from the brakes and other minor details ( to a classic car enthusiast anyway ! ) dating from August 1998 . We spoke on the telephone concerning this vehicule , but we unexpectedly went to sea and when we got back , Renshaw had gone !! I was keen to purchase this car at the time , and would still like to do so , ( even if it's  for sale covered in chicken droppings with mice living in the leather upholstery !! ) as I have never seen it on the market either through the Standard Motor Club or other specialised organisations. If anyone can help , his address was 11 Rue de Genets , 56390 , Grandchamp , Brittany , at the time of writing to each other , and later , he was last heard of at St.Adrien , 56310 , Quistinic . Lunch is on me for anyone who can assist !  stg

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Hi, I know that the US law states that it is permitted to import a 3 months supply of medications for personal use. Does any of you know the law in Europe/Framce about this subject? I need medications that are not available in France and I would like to import them but wonder what the law says about this and if they will be held by customs. Any help is appreciated. -- Tink (22)

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