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Hello !  Does anyone know the current situation re migrants at Uisterham?  We plan an overnight ferry trip to the UK and after a 4 hour drive from home and an 8pm curfew we are worried about leaving the car to use the facilities.  Is anything open?  I'll contact Brittany Ferries about the terminal opening hours but is there a place to buy something to eat and what about toilets?  Thanks for your replies.

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We have been trying to sell our house for a little while now. (As a lot of people have). Has anyone on here signed up with Green-Acres.com who advertise here in the Classifieds. To those who have. What are their thoughts please if they have done so? Responses etc. to the advert placed. Thanks.

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Bonjour mes amis ( hello my friends ) :-)I thought that it would be good to have a post where you can share your knowledge and your thoughts on restrictions and changes between the UK and France to let others know what to expect when travelling back.I have mostly been working down at the bottom end of the massif central for the last couple of years so have no idea myself what is going on up at the airports and ferry ports.Are the cross channel services still running as they were pre covid ?If by ferry do you have to have a cabin now or maybe even stay in your vehicle ?Have the prices gone up because of covid ?Do you think the travel services are doing a good or bad job in keeping the public safe ?What are your thoughts on the travel situation at this moment in time ?I am sure that there will be people wanting to go over for the holiday season and people wanting to come this way too , so do you have any good advice that may help their trip be a more positive one?I am sure that your thoughts and shared info will be of help to some,especially if angloinfo gets rolling again to the levels we used to know.I shall be back up in Brittany probably for the new year,but for the time being I am being respectful of the confinement and am parked up in my van outside my last clients property awaiting patiently on the 15th when I can leave and head upto Burgundy. I am not very good at doing nothing,but am making the most of having a wifi signal in the van and have got some good books in stock which is just as well as the rain and snow have hardely stopped for the last few days. Winter has certainly found Aveyron and Tarn where I am.I hope that you are all well and keeping warm and happy.Love and light to allJamie xx

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I have been looking for reviews of JLV MULTISERVICES in Silfiac but cannot find any.   Has anyone used this service for ELECTRICAL WORK?   I would be interested to receive any comments.

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HELLO,  can anyone give advice on my situation,  i was divorced in 2012 at st malo,  it was agreed by the lawyers that Division of property could be made ( maison) ,  However my wife refuses to sign for sale,  yet lives in the uk for the last 8 years,  ........ADVICE WELCOME.   thank you. 

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No time like the present, is there.I can teach you Breton or French wherever you are, via skype, teams, facebook messenger or phone, with written follow-up by e-mail. Very reasonable rates, chèque-emploi-service tax-deductible payment possible. Qualified, experienced & enthusiastic teacher. Get in touch!

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Ziniy is a self-service digital publishing platform for the creation and distribution of digital magazines, brochures & catalogs for mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.Ziniy is used by global publishers, marketers, advertisers, website managers, web designers & developers for the conversion of pdf to the interactive digital edition.

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I’m looking to hitch a lift in someone’s car to uk and back if poss ASAP ,,  anyon3 got a trip booked with room? Obv I would pay my way .. 

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I have a new AGA Oven 65 x 65 x 90cm height weight 446 pounds approx. and a "walk behind" type  lawnmower (in Ivybridge) near Exeter to be collected and delivered to me in Locmalo, Brittany

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Hello everyone. I am a young British female living with my French family in Ploudalmezeau, Brittany. I have two young children. I am looking to meet British or English speaking French people. Socially without children and also family playdates. I love live music and good food. I speak some french if that helps. I am looking to make some new friends and to improve my French. Also I offer English lessons in my spare time as I am a qualified foreign language teacher. 

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Does anyone know the French equivalent  of Travel lodge ? We are going to  visit the WW1 trenches for a few days in October. 

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Hi there, is anyone else having difficulties getting on to the web page of Epicerie Barenton (it has said all weekend its under maintainance) or phoning, their message box is full.?

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Hi anyone know the phone number for the shop in guarec.   Thanks

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There are always a few second hand cars for sale on Anglo info, but people should beware and only buy if it has a full service history and all CTs are available. If the vehicle  you are interested in buying is getting on in years but has low mileage it may have been clocked. Also you can always get under the car and check for old standing oil leaks a sure giveaway. 

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Please be aware that unauthorised third parties are accessing PayPAL accounts. The first thing I knew was when I received half a dozen emails confirming transactions from my paypal account!! PayPal were very quick in refunding my account and said to change the password but I cannot see how this is going to stop it happeneing again. The same thing has happened to my sister in law this week. PayPal says it is an ongoing investigation But I haven't received any warnings about this??? I have now closed my PayPal account as it is obviously no longer a safe way to buy on line. 22

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I will have a Shepherd's Hut weighing 3.5 tonnes to be picked up in Somerset and delivered to Locmalo 56160.  I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has a low loader and could do the job.

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Hello folks. We are planning to move to Brittany in March 2014 and are searching for a long term rental with some land for our goats.  I wondered if anyone knew which is the best newspaper to buy for long term rentals ads, I do have the connextion but they seem to be all holiday lets. Thanks for any information.      

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As the title says I need some help tomorrow hours are 10 till 4. Anyone available ?

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Have seen quite a few fields with crops producing really pretty blue/purple flowers - just out of interest does anyone know what it is?

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