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Please be aware that unauthorised third parties are accessing PayPAL accounts. The first thing I knew was when I received half a dozen emails confirming transactions from my paypal account!! PayPal were very quick in refunding my account and said to change the password but I cannot see how this is going to stop it happeneing again. The same thing has happened to my sister in law this week. PayPal says it is an ongoing investigation But I haven't received any warnings about this??? I have now closed my PayPal account as it is obviously no longer a safe way to buy on line. 22

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I will have a Shepherd's Hut weighing 3.5 tonnes to be picked up in Somerset and delivered to Locmalo 56160.  I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has a low loader and could do the job.

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Hello folks. We are planning to move to Brittany in March 2014 and are searching for a long term rental with some land for our goats.  I wondered if anyone knew which is the best newspaper to buy for long term rentals ads, I do have the connextion but they seem to be all holiday lets. Thanks for any information.      

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As the title says I need some help tomorrow hours are 10 till 4. Anyone available ?

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Have seen quite a few fields with crops producing really pretty blue/purple flowers - just out of interest does anyone know what it is?

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moving to Carhaix. What is there for English expats in terms of groups, clubs, theatre.

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 Is there anyone who works as a live in carer in Jersey/UK and lives in France.im trying to find the agencies that do this as looking for a position.many thanks 

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Just wondering if anyone is returning to Brittany in Sept/Oct and would have room for a small amount of furniture to be transported to my house in Belle-Isle-enTerre

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Hello All,Moving to Rennes in a few weeks from Cotes d'Armor and wondering if there are any small Anglican groups there as there are none around here. Not sure St Bart's in Dinard is still operating but, anyway, hoping to leave the car at our house and not need to travel far.Thanks for any tips!Best

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Was talking with a friend about my plan of moving alone to Brittany and about the cheap property to renovate and he asked why there was so much property there and why the French dont renovate it and he got me thinking.Why do they not renovate the cheap property but instead spend a lot more money building new style property in the same location?Any ideas?Ben

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what price is heating oil at the moment and has it dropped in the last few months

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We bought a Silver Crest electric kettke from Lidl about six months ago. Unfortunately we didn't keep the cash slip or invoice as we always do for bigger purchases. The interior base of the kettle started to rust about six weeks ago. Obviously this should not happen as it is supposed to be Inox (stainless steel) but it has. We are probably not going to get any satisfaction from Lidl as they require the till slip but be warned about this kettle (Boulliere Silver Crest 3000W) Ours cannot be the only one that has rusted. 

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When driving to the shops, is only one person allowed in the car. I have been told that people have been turned away.

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We have spent a long time in the last few days trying to establish whether we have the right to work under the current restrictions.  At long last we have been given official confirmation by the 'DIRECCTE Bretagne' that as an antenniste (satellite installer) we still have the right to work as long as we take care to protect our clients and ourselves from the virus. So the good news is that TV Brittany is still open for business! We will of course make sure that all precautionary measures are taken and we will phone customers on the day to ensure that they are symptom free before coming out.

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Hi allWe are travelling (hopefully) to dept. 22 for the summer months, we will be there for around 6 months and our miniature schnauzer will obviously need clipping. Does anyone know of anybody who can clip this breed correctly please?

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Hi everyone, I'm writing a short article on how the collapse of Flybe affects those of us living in France, especially those with a business that relies on low-cost flights. If you have a moment, I'd love to hear from anyone affected by the Flybe collapse (holiday makers, holiday-home owners too), as I know the impact will be far-reaching for those of us based on this side of the Channel. Thanks in advance for any contributions, much appreciated!

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HiI'm having a very bad experience with a company called 'Luxury British Beds' or 'Foresttec'. I ordered a bed and mattress from them in early December, paid nearly 1,000 pounds, to include shipping to France, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I keep getting fobbed off with vague promises that never materialise. I just wondered if anyone else has dealt with this company, and whether they'd had a similar problem?JohnCotes D'Armor.

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Are there any french for non speakers in the Carhaix area, I have a friend who lives here and really needs to start learning the language?  Thanks

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Hello we are traveling to central Brittany on the 11th March and returning on the 28th March we have transport space in our Sprinter van for furniture if you need some transporting either way.  You can contact me via email: gillieco@hotmail.com

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