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Hi everyone does anybody know if the la tarverne in la ferriere 22210  is open for business or has it closed down as we have tried a few times in the last week to have a meal and it is always closed if anyone has any news could you let me know kind regards ken

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I have a French driving licence issued  on 30/07/2014 and I've just noticed that there is a date of 30/07/2019 printed on section 4b on the front of my licence. I assume this is an expiry date. I am now over 70 years of age, but wasn't when I received my French licence in 2014. My question is, is the date in 4b an expiry date and if so how do I go about renewing it. I have been on the ANTS site but that only covers applications for a new licence or replacing a lost or stolen one. There is no provision for renewal.Thanks for anticipated replies

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Are there any moderators employed here?  The old AngloInfo used to delete genuine posts from its members willy nilly.  Today it seems it is a haven for scammers and illegal documents.  AI might as well go on the Dark Web to ply its foul trade.

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This mirror measures 117 x 176 cms and has a gilt ornate frame which is classy and tasteful. Because of its size it brings light into the room. It cost a fortune from Harrods of London. Am reluctantly selling it  because we are selling up and it is just too expensive to have it shipped to the UK  €300. Open to sensible offers. Available for collection between 6th to 9th April by appointment from Rue de Kerrun, 22740 Lezardrieux 

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I need to get a large mirror 217 x 276cms  from  Lezardrieux 22 to Norwich  Any recommendations please. 

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I am looking for someone who can pack a very large mirror so I can ship it back to UK. (22 Lezardrieux near Paimpol)

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My wife and I will be coming to Javea each year on holiday staying January, February and March.   We are hoping there might be a 'social' club that we might be able to find new friends for out visits - we intent to come every year?   Also, we will be booking an apartment but would be very interested if anyone could introduce us to a property - pool not necessary, just somewhere self-catering, quite and within 2k+ walk to the Port.  

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Looking for advice !!    My wife and I are looking for a holiday rent. 2k+ from Javea Port, not an expensive apartment, just a location costing 500 Euros a month for three months.   I have been looking on line but all the Property Agents seem to be offering high cost properties with pools etc - we would be looking to rent January,February and March so no pool required.   Any thoughts as to a site I could check out??

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Cost of removals to Wales

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Is anyone heading from the 56 area for the 13.30 ferry from Roscoff to Plymouth on 15th March that has room for one passenger and a small case. Will of course contribute to fuel

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This has to be the strangest expat forum on the net.  "Recent topics" show multiples of the same post from a year ago.  How is this useful to anyone?

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Hi everyone,We're exploring options for internet access in rural Brittany. The 4G signal round us is pretty good, so one of the options is a 4G wifi router using the Free Internet 4G 100Gb simcard.However, the advert says that the bandwidth is reduced if you don't use put the Simcard in a Freebox (which we don't need because we don't have a landline). Does anyone have any experience with how much the bandwidth is reduced?I need a solution that will allow video conferencing and almost constant use of cloud services like G-suite and Office 365.Many thanks,Mark

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