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I have a friend who is considering moving to France full-time. She will need to buy full medical insurance (she understands that)  but she has been told by various insurers that her pre-existing kidney condition will not be covered (I think this normal for all insurers??) but what she asked me is: "so who pays if I should require any treatment for my kidneys?". I don't know the answer. Can anyone advise?

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I have recently suffered a thrombosis and have been prescribed the above drug I understand that it is only prescribed in France. Is there anybody out there taking this drug and if so how do you find it, any side effects etc.etc. I understand that warfin is not available in France. Any info would be useful. Brenda

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I have the following Disability Aids that I will be glad to give to anyone who can make use of them.  A walking frame with wheels and a seat.  A rotaing seat on a frame that spans a bath that enables the person to  sit on the seat at the side of the bath and then rotate it to face the shower.  An raised seat that fits on a normal toilet seat raising the level of the seat making sitting down easier.  It also has side arms to assist rising.No charge, collection from Réguiny

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Good morning all, I've recently had 2 operations which have not cost me anything (small amounts) why am I paying health assurance and have done for 10 years, I am 80 does that entitle me to free healthcare? The amount I've paid in would have covered any operations had I put it to one side, have the feeling I'm being ripped off!

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Any English speaking dentist's in Pontivy?

started by: tredie · last update: 1626863012 · posted: 1337707592

hi,does anybody know if there is a website with any info or a list of doctors who will carry out a medical for HGV licence,any info appreciated,thanks,t.

started by: Garry-969396 · last update: 1626703748 · posted: 1626384087

Hi, does anyone know how I can get either a private PCR test or an Antigen test in the Carhaix area for return travel to the U.K. 

started by: JeannieB-10062254 · last update: 1610617093 · posted: 1610617093

Can anyone recommend a dentist please in the above area?  I need a filling replaced and also a crown recemented. A dentist who speaks a little English would be helpful, as my French isn't fluent. Many thanks. I realize you may have to reply by inbox.

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Hello , I’m looking to register at one of the two doctors in Taupont (56800) just wondering if anyone has a recommendation of which one. TIA

started by: Arthur-York · last update: 1604576914 · posted: 1604316656

Hi, I know you can't post names of doctors on here.I have my 83 year old mother-in-law with us at the moment and she is running out of meds. I have all the paperwork signed by her English doctor as to what she requires. some of the medication is controlled drugs i.e morphine patches for pain.I believe I have to go to a doctor for him to agree the prescription.can anyone possibly private message me the name of an English speaking doctor in or near Mael-Carhaix/Rostrenen etc.and does anyone know under the new restrictions whether I can just take her passport and prescription or does she have to attend in person (she suffers with early stage dementia)thanks in advanceARTHUR

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Does anybody know the law in France re people with medicalconditions and the wearing of masks.I have just been told to leave a DistriCenter store becauseI was wearing a face shield and not a face mask, I explained to the woman that in the UKpeople with certain medical conditions are exempt from wearing masks and allowedto wear shields instead, she said it is not allowed in France. I have COPD and also cannotbreathe through my nose having had my nose removed due to cancer and a falseone created from my forehead tissue. If I wear a mask I cannot walk more than adozen steps before starting to struggle with my breathing. I have been in manyshops since arriving back in Franceand have had no problems until DistriCenter. I have a UK hospital emergency admission card which states my condition but of course she wouldn't accept it as she couldn't read it.

started by: Steven-Struck-862312 · last update: 1581543390 · posted: 1556642472

I’m looking for a recommendation for a dentist near Dinan. If they speak English, it would be helpful thank you 

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It took a year of fighting to get my carte vitale issued, and I registered with a doctor and was given three referral letters, cardiac, pulmonary and pathology/blood. The doctor spoke no English so we muddled by in FrenchBut I am not yet fluent in French, I am not even sure if I should go to the hospital or a clinic. I am at Gouarec and the doctor mentioned pontivy, but I am not sure if it is the hospital or a clinic or if all three appointments can be at the same place. My French is not yet good enough for phone calls. I would appreciate advice and experience on his.

started by: Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 · last update: 1571088942 · posted: 1571088942

I had cataract surgery 21 months ago in Noyal Pontivy and laser treatment again early this year for double vision in Pontivy.  I was given a prescription for new glasses.   While I was in the UK in May I had an eye test as I felt that I was on a "conveyor belt"  when I had my check-up and laser treatment at Noyal.  I now have two prescriptions from a Nationwide Optician and the Eye surgeon at Noyal - they are totally different - so who is right and who is wrong.  If, I go to another Eye doctor in France do I have to pay for an independent check.  I do have Health Insurance and a Mutuel.   I am now struggling with my French prescription.  I had an appointment whilst in England to see the Nationwide Opticans  but I was taken ill and admitted into hospital and had to cancel their appointment as I could not reschedule.   Where do I go to now - who is right and who is wrong????Thank youSpecky 4 Eyes

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Hello. Could anyone recommend any Rhumatologues in the Loudeac 22600 and Pontivy 56300 area please. I have a letter from my Generaliste and need to find a good one. Thank you for reading this.Regards.

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My husband and I are retired and sadly our English speaking doctor is retiring in December. Our French is not good enough to explain medical details to a doctor  so we would appreciate your assistance in finding an English speaking doctor in any of the above areas.  M & I K

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Is having a stroke here din France covered by the individuals assurance?

started by: shinny · last update: 1561713784 · posted: 1561713784

Could anyone recommend a good doctor in Carhaix Plougher - we will be moving there in a few months - also a dentist and a vet ?  thankyou please email me if not allowed to advertise openly       shinnys@sky.com     Thanks

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