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Hi There, Does anyone know anything about an acupuncturist who is situated at the lake in Brenillis? I am very keen to have some treatment for my arthritis but am reluctant to go to someone without a recommedation. Failing that does anyone know of one within two hours drive of Huelgoat?

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Hi, My friend went to a really good Acupuncturist at St Brieuc

If thats not too far for you, I can get the number for you.

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If it doesn't work, then I know a very good Masseur.

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Elizabeth Mccabe in La Trinite-Porhoet:


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Yes please the phone number would be great.


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There is a very good lady at Glomel.  I've been to her a couple of times and my daughter has been more often and we think she is great.  Off the top of my head I don't have her contact details, but if you are interested e.mail me and I will find them.

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Thanks for your reply Nightsky, I would be interested in contact details please.

My email address is



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Hi Charlie, A friend of mine many years ago was recommended to drink a glass of water with a spoon of cider vinager and two spoons of honey,the latter being there just to take the bitterness out of the taste.

Before embarking upon this recipe,said friend could not get in and out of his car without lots of discomfort,and since drinking this every morning,he now goes skiing in the mountains every winter !!

He is in his seventies has been drinking this for about twenty years now and he says that to be honest he does not know if it still is working,but as it changed his life around,he keeps on drinking it every day.

Whatever you try,I hope that you are rid of this pain soon.

Love and stuff

Jamie xx


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