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Hi, does anyone know of an acupuncture  person in or around Loudeac-Pontivy, or not too far within the 22 area. Have you tried them!. Wanted to start a course in the uk, but it needs 3 months, and I would prefer to be in Brittany for the summer, so if you know of one, thanks in advance. Divaling

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I think as with all medical professions this info is not allowed to be posted publically.

In France Acupuncturist are physicians and thus have a medical degree. My family physician is also a acupunturist and homeopath. Both treatments are completely covered by the health insurance. There are some exceptions where you are allowed to work under a physician. However it is not like in some other countries a free profession you can practise after a course of a few months. In France it's strictly regulated.

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Thanks Tink,

so if anyone knows of a doctor that does it near Loudeac, please e-mail me direct, thanks .


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