Adding a "sans activite" to your PUMA

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I'm trying to add my Wife to my RSI with Harmonie Mutuelle. They've asked for: Livret du Famille - any ideas what this is? an Attestation de fin de droits du precedent regime de Securite Sociale - as she hasn't been in the system before we don't have this! A translation of her Birth Cert - RSI didn't need a translation of mine. Has anyone achieved this recently and what documents did you provide? Thanks in advance.

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chèvrefeuille 1491049421

One of the basic points about PUMA is that it provides healthcare for everyone in their own right, ayant droits no longer 'piggyback' on their partner's entitlement.

chèvrefeuille 1491049571

The Attestation de fin de precedent... will probably be a letter from the NHS pointing out that your wife is no longer covered by them as she is not entitled to an S1.

Charles-Knight-873928 1491051835

Thanks. There is still the ability to add someone who is "sans activite" to a worker or Micro-Entrepreneur's entitlement, we'll have to find out where in the world of the DHSS the appropriate letter is issued :-(

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1491055622

The OP didn't mention 'ayant droit' did he? As I understand it, an inactif spouse can still join his regime if she wishes, but in her own right on the basis of residence, not as his ayant droit, and cotisations may be payable. Could be wrong, but that seems to be confirmed here

Re the livret de famille, just explain that your marriage took place abroad so you don't have a French livret, and send a copy of marriage certificate instead. I don't think DWP issues letters any more, your organisme will have to contact DWP direct for confirmation that your wife is no longer covered by the NHS.

chèvrefeuille 1491059630

I thought one of the main reasons that PUMA was introduced was to allow everyone to have health care in their own right without being linked to anyone's entitlement. When applying you provide all the details of your household's income anyway.

chèvrefeuille 1491059830

As a PS, looking at the OP's title, if he is a ME does he 'have' PUMA? In the past if one person had healthcare their spouse was given healthcare cover through that entitlement. Under PUMA they gain access to healthcare but with no ties, it is granted to them in their own right.

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1491062852

Yes you're right CF, he wouldn't be adding his wife to his "entitlement", she would need to have her own entitlement. The big difference is that whereas under CMU she would have had to go into CPAM because all inactifs had to be in CPAM, PUMA gives her has the option of going into hubby's caisse ie RSI if she prefers. One of the big "selling points" of PUMA was that it's more flexible in various ways, including that in theory you are not obliged to change caisse every time you change status, from inactif to self-employed to employed etc, and also so that couples who have different statuses and therefore under CMU would have been in different caisses, can now opt to both be in the same caisse to make life simpler. How this works in practice, if it works at all, I haven't a clue but I suspect it's not quite as simple and seamless as PUMA made it sound.

Davide-Loi-896684 1491068171

Wow - and just think you go into your local GP and sign up at that Practice back home - LOL - no wonder people get so confused, scared and worried over here about Healthcare Issues and Insurance.

Even the Wild old sages above seem to struggle with it all from time to time.

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1491075824

"Wow - and just think you go into your local GP and sign up at that Practice back home"

Well, you do if you're a British native resident in the UK. I don't think it's quite as simple as that for non-Brits arriving new in the UK without a job.

In the same way I don't suppose there's an issue for French natives resident in France, either.

chèvrefeuille 1491084823

The confusion is that the system changed in 2016 and not that many people have had to deal with PUMA yet. Where's back home? I live in France so I'm not worried about the practises in other countries.

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