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Does anybody know of an Apple cider vinegar in France that contains the 'mother' (i.e. the sediment) that has health benefits. I want to use it mixed with honey for joint pain relief. My father in the UK swears by it for arthritis. A ready mix is available in the UK, known as Honegar and Honeygar .. I can buy the vinegar via the UK but would prefer to just be able to add it to the weekly shop ..Thanks in advance

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Clover-382222 1301502029

Have you tried your local Bio Co-op shop, they sell all sorts of strange and wonderful things that most people have never seen before including some very good bio teas.

one4all-436374 1301502142

I don't know whether or not it contains the sediment, but cider vinegar is available in several of the supermarkets in Brittany.

Celtic muse-386295 1301506138

I bought a bio one with sediment in ....I think from either Leclerc or Intermarch.

blandford-390864 1301507698

Thanks for your replies. Have now searched on .. the vinegar must be bio, non pasturised and 'avec la mere'. Have found some on, bit pricey but will do until I get a chance to look in the Bio shops.

Google it, french or english. Lots of health benefits hopefully, particularly like the sound of some weight loss (lol)!

cinnamon-435691 1301509302

I use it every day and you can buy it at bio -coop in Potivy. I have a very sore hip and after one month this my hip is fine and I can continue exercising. It is about 3 - 5 euros can't find the one with the honey but what I bought works.

dumpydonna 1301509683

Cinnamon. That sounds great. Can you tell me what it is actually called. My arthritis is getting bad and several people have mentioned cider vinegar taken with honey and hot water first thing in the morning is marvellous. Thank you also Blandford for bringing up this subject.

Cant wait to go and buy some.

boltblue 1301509736

I bought Super U cider vinegar and their honey and it worked great! No more problems

blandford-390864 1301560695

My father takes it for his knees and a recurring pain in his shoulder which travels to his neck, resulting in awful headaches. If he stops taking it the pain returns. He uses a ready mixed version bought online from a guy down in Cornwall who makes it himself.

I have a recurring shoulder pain from when I fell off a horse and my husband suffers from a bad back, which when inflicted results in a week in bed, which means no work.. fingers crossed this is going to be our miracle cure, the doctors can't do anything for either of us.

Loads of other benefits too, circulation, digestion, foot soak, hair conditioner, the list is endless!

blandford-390864 1301560810

this is what I'm going to buy from amazon until I have time to source it here, plus some bio runny honey ..

Macky-430287 1301566759

Hi I have found your post very interseting, my mother inlaw suffers from arthritis, please can you tell me what the quantities are - cider/honey/hot water.

Thank you in advance.


blandford-390864 1301567565

There are lots of recipes if you do a google search, but this is the basic

The Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail

  • Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother)

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of Raw Honey

  • 8 ounces of cold spring or distilled water

  • Drink this cocktail 3 times a day for maximum benefits

I suggest you start out with 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and honey to see if your stomach can tolerate the mixture at first. If you see you are having no stomach problems then increase to 2 teaspoons of each.

The cider must have the 'mother' and must be non pasturised, raw honey and according to this recipe don't use tap water. I've read that you can use hot water too.

Alternatively you can buy it ready made as Honeygar or Honegar. I've found the site in Devon that my father uses, but the delivery to France was very high .. he hates the taste and tries to take it without 'it touching the sides'!!

I've also read that some people drink it through a straw so not to damage their teeth, as the vinegar is acidic.

JGC53 1454851803

I have been buying Honegar from Holland and Barratt when we go back to UK, but realised I would run out before next visit. Checked and found prices extortionate, so checked Holland and Barratt site, they sell for £7.99 per 1000ml bottle delivery to France £6.99. So ordered 4 bottles. Think delivery charge is reasonable and certainly cheaper than the French site options.

guillygirl29 1454852735

Tnk you for the Holland & Barrett link, I have just ordered 4 litres of Honegar too, good value, lets hope it works, have been taking supermarket apple cidre vinegar with honey and hot water every morning since last June, can't say it has changed my life but when I did stop taking it for a week oh my did I ache all over !

sunshinedays 1454853175

Hi blandford, my husband takes the same product that you are going to buy. It tastes much better than  what he took previously. He takes 1 tablespoon twice a day in water for his arthritis so it does last. It needs to be stored well to preserve the 'mother'.  As you get 2 bottles it is good value.

JLJ-429896 1454856693

Just checked my bottle (1 litre and cheap from BioCoop Pontivy) and it is organic , on the mother(sur mere), sans sulphides un pasturised and aged in barrels. 

plouyepaul 1454858781

Maille Vinègre de Cidre is the one we use, available most supermarkets, we get it from Leclerc's. Not sure it's the sediment that you want just a good quality cider vinegar. Probably worth trying the bio shops or artisanal farmers/cider makers.


Cloudgreyandblue 1454864144

I have a bad hip but no more after taking this I swear by it.  Bought it in bio coop pontivy paid about four euros ..just great not to limp anymore


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