Are children removed from CPAM accounts at 18?

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Our daughter seems to have vanished from our account recently. She turned 18 last October, but I never noticed it until last month that she wasn't on the a/c, but thats not to say it didn't happen before as I dont log in very often.What do we have to do, does she need to set up her own account and if so, how do we do that? She is a full-time student still if that makes any difference.We're in Cotes d'armor and she does have her own social security no.Thank you.

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George Canning 1496468285

Maybe this is a simplistic answer but why don't you or she speak to CPAM.

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1496468689

Yes she needs to set up her own account, adults can no longer be "ayant droits". CPAM will explain.

Bod 1496475775

OK thanks

le salvager 1496484545

Normally Individual carte vitale is required from 16yrs , we had to do both our lads then , reasonably simple but, we had to get birth certificate translatios for one of them.

Bod 1496485465

Le salvager, she's had a card for about 3 yrs and all was working fine until recently.

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