Are You Interested in a Slimming World Type Group?

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I am hoping to start a starting a Slimming World type group basedon the Slimming World food optimising healthy eating plan. It will be held weekly,probably for 2 hours each week, mid-afternoon, starting in November. Initiallyover the winter months only (as I am unable to host during the summer period),perhaps during the summer months there will be someone else who can host.Really it is just somewhere to come and get weighed, support and motivate eachother, and encourage each other to stay with the healthy eating plan, with theintention of losing weight. I am not a qualified Slimming World Consultant anddon’t want to consult the group, we will all need to get our own understanding ofthe plan and help each other, but I am going to buy all of the latest 2016Slimming world books as a guide. There is already a lot of information out thereand also a Facebook group which you can join with loads of helpful informationand advice. If there is anybody out there who has recently followed the planwith success, has a little knowledge about the Slimming World plan, and isinterested in coming and advising they would be more than welcome. There willbe no money involved, just a gathering, weekly weighing and a chat really, butmaybe we could all give a euro or two to be donated to a charity. Anyway ifanybody in interested please pm me. Location: Dept. 22 between Uzel and Mur-de-Bretagne 

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Ann-Doble-856437 1471797707

Yes I would be interested, anything to help shift a few pounds before Christmas

Sueb-382387 1471903326

Hi, I have a couple of others who are also interested, if you pm me your e-mail address I will keep you posted with the start date.

Ann-Doble-856437 1471930512

sorry, can't see your email address

Sarah 1471933143

If you want Ann I am happy to pass your e-mail address on, it's meant to be sorted this week!!!

Ann-Doble-856437 1471986262

yes please Sarah

AJmAc 1471987348

Hello, yes I would be very interested, I was following the weight watchers plan until recently, but need the motivation of others  Jayne 

Sueb-382387 1472029090

Hi all,

I don't think any body can pm me on here at the moment, perhaps Admin could forward your e-mail addresses onto me and I can send you the details and dates of when we are going to start. I have about 6 people interested at the moment so that is a good starting point. In the interim, to get a little inspiration, motivation, and general information about the Slimming World food optimising plan, basically healthy, nutritionally balanced eating using fresh, normal everyday, readily available wholesome foods, without the wine, delicious French bread, croissants, cakes, crisps and chocolate ( I lie you can have a little of everything in moderation ) join the Facebook Slimming World Group, there is loads of useful information on there which will give you a good  idea about what it is all about. I have the 2016 Slimming World books on the way, purchased from eBay, if you are serious about this it may well be worth you also getting the books.

Sarah 1472029945

Sue I have sent you an e-mail with Ann's details :)

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