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My wife has a back problem & we need a recommended osteopath .The guy in Callac is booked until the next millennium,& we don't know any others.If you can help please contact me (regard the rules on advertising) A.S.A.P. we are desperate - & willing to travel.

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If you can help, please remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly to the Forum.

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Hello is Ploermel too far ? I can send personal email with details. Failing that there should be a Kine Cabinet in your area, your doctor will Know where.

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I don't know if this is of any interest, but my son suffered severe back problems until about two years ago. We tried an osteopath in Vannes who was very good at getting him out of pain in a crisis but it wasn't getting to the root of the problem. We then found out, via a friend, about a private back clinic in Londo. He spent six weeks attending three times per week and has never looked back. You paid 115 pounds for an initial assessment and it cost nearly 3,000 pounds for treatment in all, but it has changed his life. I believe they have clinics in other parts of the UK. I know it's a lot to pay out, but it was worth every penny to get him well again.

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What sort of treatment is that? Sorry I can't help the original poster but I'm interested in any back treatment considering mine's killing me right now.

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Please contact me as there is an absolutely marvellous Osteopath in Loudeac and he speaks good English.

richard eales 1248975208

there is also a good one in guingamp rue st. michel good luck richard

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My homeopath treats me via phone or skype from UK, he's an absolute star and has kept me fit for many years. Not sure what the rules are re UK recommends but e me if you would like his contact details.

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This may sound silly, but after a slipped disc a few years ago I discovered that if I suspend myself from a bar or tree branch for as long as i can hold on I get pain relief.It's got to be high enough to have your feet of the ground with your knees straight, but not so high you need a parachute to get down

himandher-418170 1249043619

hi toby jugs method does work also just lying on a bed with from below your knees hanging over the end gives some relief but alas not permanent, good luck

wiggleworm-391974 1249127882

Many thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

I'm off to the doctor on tuesday ( earliest available appointment ! ) and will take it from there.

people often ask " What do you miss from England ? " Well I miss my Osteopath ! One phone call and he'd fit me in the next day . Not in 6 weeks time ! !

Thanks again and anymore helpful tips will be appreciated.


the old bargee 1249131172

Having suffered bouts of a bad back in the UK for years, I came over to France and had a slipped disc, taken into hospital etc finally had it removed 2 years ago in Pontivy, best thing to have had done, although it did take about 18 months to get back to normal, so pleased Ive had it sorted, and the care was wonderful, I can still phone my surgeon directly if any problems.

woody-383477 1249138067

The treatment consists of identifying the cause(s) of the problem and using an assortment of treatments. One of the initial things they do is a questionnaire to find out how depressed you are about it (plenty of reason for depression if you are in constant pain). There are all type of treatment on offer from osteopathy to acupuncture. My son's problem stemmed from an initial cartilege injury to the knees (too much football) but he had then distorted his back to relieve the pain in the knees - the trouble being he ended up with a worse problem in his back! His treatment was mostly osteopathy but also a planned exercise regime for him to follow, which he still follows now on an almost daily basis. PM me if you need any more information or contact details. All I can say is that he has never looked back since - he has lost weight through the exercise (exercise was impossible before so he put on weight) and is generally a lot fitter.

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