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Help we are being bitten by some sort of insect it is not mosquitoes or fleas They seem to bite around the pant line area i do use jungle formula spray but this is not helping anybody else suffering we are in the 56 area near Malestroit

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SusieB-392188 1250600699

There's a posting about this in the Home & Garden section, 17/08/2009 heading "Garden Fleas". I think you will find the answer to your problem there.

faircop 1250600898

Could also be the dreaded harvest mite alias chiggers. Loads of info on the internet. The french call it aouter.

SusieB-392188 1250601033

I think that is the same conclusion on the post I mentioned, they aren't called Garden Fleas, that was just what the original poster had called them in the abscence of knowing what they were being bitten by.

Matahari-403693 1250601714

Me too! I had been bitten.

Also behind my knee and waist area. I have never been bitten before!

I'm in area 22/35. My friend who lives not too far, also been bitten around similar areas of the body. We assume some kind of fleas.

I'm blaming my poor cat!! for bringing in fleas. We have maize plants close to us. Could that be the culprit??

Love to find out more too.

Purple piggy 1250608075

Everyone in my household are getting eaten alive during the night & it only started about a week ago when they started combining the fields around us. Very yukky bites & very swollen around the bite area.

Have just bought a different repellent spray to try, hope this one works!

Clover-382222 1250609398

Commonly known as aoûtats as they only bite in august. Everyone suffers including animals as my poor dog is doing at the moment. They will disappear shortly as the weather cools down for autumn. Perfumes and deodorants seem to attract them as they do mossies

lakeman-415065 1250610265

Do not ignore this or any type of insect bite. There is a tic which inhabits forests and woodlands that can cause Lyme's Disease which causes general fatigue but if untreated can have very harmful after effects. I hope I am wrong, in your case, but it can be tested for by a blood test and is worth following up.

Clover-382222 1250612337

Ticks are black andhang on for dear life, aoûtats are practically invisible and do no lasting harm unless you scratch and scratch and turn septic. Lyme Disease is characteristic by it's "bullseye" pattern on the skin after the tick has been removed and is very visible.

Lerome-405515 1250616480

Many years ago in England, I had lots of these bites. I went to my doctor who said that they were harvest mite bites (I had been walking in grass). His recommendation was to treat each one immediately by wiping with surgical spirit.
The alcohol kills the eggs that have been laid beneath the skin, preventing further irritation. I must say that it worked for me at the time and I have used the same technique ever since. Never been without surgical spirit in the medicine cabinet.

pup-391859 1250618886

Wow some people just love to get other people worried don't they! I think most people would know if a tick bit them - these bites that appear around the waist and ankles are almost certainly as another person thinks 'aoutiers' - meaning bugs that appear in August. They do irritate - and they get worse if you scratch them. They will go away and lots of ointments work - we use Sudocream. good luck and keep your house hoovered - that helps! 

Felicity789 1251016755

Try neem to treat & prevent all the bitey things, for you & your animals. E me for more info.

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