Card Vital, mutual and 18yrs old dependants?

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My Daughter is now 18 and has had a card vital with my number on since the age of 16. Should she now have her own number as she now does alittle iterim work during the holidays. how de we go about getting it changed? Also has now moved out from our home to an appartment on her own. She is still covered on our top up mutual but should she now as she is indpendant have her own?? her finances are tight as she is still studying we need to inform of change address etc but don't want to add to her bills or stress in sorting it out!!

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George Marc-394600 1255951531

I received a letter from the CPAM when our daughter turned 16 with an application for her own card.

orme-384975 1255951940

You'd probably be better checking with the CPAM, but I think it's a question of how much she earns and whether she is in full time employment, rather than how old she is or where she lives. I have my own number, but still come in the same 'bundle' as my husband because I earn under a certain level, and I'm a lot older than your daughter!!

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Thank you george mark yes my daughter has her own card but it is under my number

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Thanks orme. My Husband has one number and i have another I work full time My daughter is a student and only works during holidays. the problem is that her number is the same as mine and it could effect my or her pension contributions plus tax at the end of the year. She has not earnt enough to pay tax but if added to what i earn which isn't a great deal could mean i have to pay tax on something i haven't earnt!!

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You'd get a better reply from the Social Security office but in my case, MOH and I are taxed together, so both earnings are taken into account.

However, our pension entitlements will be looked at separately, as these are taken on a sort of PAYE basis and are marked on our individual payslips. I presume your daughter has her own payslips where social contributions are marked, so she will have proof of having paid in (make sure she NEVER throws these away and keeps them in a safe place!). Apart from that, students have a special 's├ęcu ├ętudiant' which, I understand, they don't have to pay into until they are 20.

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