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Hello   has any one any info on how to get carte vitale we live here and are not retired so would welcome advise on best way to approach tnis  problem .  kind regards 

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Reveuse-918439 1447694051

If you do a search you will find lots of posts on this.

If you want specific answers you would need to give us a few clues about your situation - are you EU citizens, are you working, are you running a business, do you have unearned income.... Otherwise it's like asking how long is a piece of string.

Lapin-436112 1447694387

basically to get one you need to pay contributions (social charges, ia cotisations), you pay this when you work or have a business etc. or be retired...or..?

Martin King-393934 1447705229

If you live in France your only access to carte vitale is to be employed,self employed or be 65 years old retired.I am interested to know how you have covered yourself with regards to healthcare so far.

Rudge 1447706554

I am surprised you did not research this aspect of living in France before moving here, it is well documented in UK and France ....?

sea shore 1447706918

Plus one Martin King, you can be less than 65 with a private pension.

Martin King-393934 1447711686

Didn't know that.I have a very small private pension that I took at age 50 and a (early taken, reduced) teaching pension I took at 55.Could I access the French healthcare system with this?


Tryval 1447714241

Before I reached 65, my only option was v expensive private insurance, I wasn't working apart from my personal renovation project.

But it solved a sense of acute vunerability, as I apparently had no health care "rights" in the UK either, although I paid UK tax on my small local government redundency / pension.

Now over 65 I qualify for a CV topped up with a mutuelle, which provids excellent heath cover in my opinion.

unclemort 1447716015

Visit your local CPAM office they will be able to give you the correct information they are very helpful


@gembared - if you've lived in France for longer than 3 months, and you have an income of more than 9650? Euros per year, then you can apply for a carte vitale by virtue of the CMU B.  If you google CMU B you'll find all the info and the download application forms.  Depending on your income you will pay 8% on anything over 9650 euros by way of your contribution into the health system, which will give you the same rights as a French national.  It is up to you whether you then take out a top up assurance to cover any shortfall.  Good luck. (Ps  the figures I've quoted may not be exact but they are thereabouts.)

Martin King-393934 1447716694

Can empathise with that Tryval.Been in the situation where I have paid uk tax/nic for over 40 years but no uk help when I was made homeless and jobless.Could not get help into work in France either despite having paid impots for 15 years.Seems I fell through all the 'safety nets'!

Unclemort.Thank you .Will try that on my next visit to my French HOME.


Martin King-393934 1447717031

Virago.Just seen your post. Again I didn't know that fact. Looks like I am eligable to live in France with access to their carte vitale. I need to rethink my plans.


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gembared 1447782448

thanks to all for advise  , kind regards

countrydweller 1447786908

If you look at my comments on the thread"Required Insurance and the best options" that gives you the up to date situation re getting French State health cover.

PM me if you want any more help and advice

Treetop-10047522 1447793366

Hi Gembard just done all our paperwork , if you need a list of what is needed please by all means message me. 1456322931

Is the 9650 per individual? As our joint income is more than double this amount but the split is heavily weighted towards myself rather than my wife?

I get c 13000 and my wife gets c 7000 at the moment will increase in app 6 years time by 8000/yr extra then increase again in another 3 years by the state pension rate app 16500/yr



kathyd2 1456324585

I'm pretty sure that in France you're taxed on household income, not individual income stannardm

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