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hi, i am still at the first hurdle even after some months, i rang the helpline in english (ameli) and got some unpleasent person being slightly patronising...anyway i knew i had to submit certain documents, but she then threw in that my birth cert has to be offically translated into french!? how on earth do i do that!? what's wrong with it in English, in regards, it shows my name, date of birth, parents name and place of birth, which is understandable in almost any language surely...are they just being awkward for the sake of being awkward...

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Kernowboy-10061199 1455300901

We didn't need to have our birth certificates translated.  I suppose it depends on which office you go to, they do seem to vary in respect of what the need from you.

falabella 1455300909

Hi, they don't need an translation.. think it was the english helpline being unhelpful.  You only need your passport, and edf bill to show you have been resident for 3 months now.  I think the rules changed on 1st Jan.  If you are female you will need your birth cert , marriage etc to prove who you are now! ..

Bangersnmash 1455301932

we did not need our birth certificates translated but we had an issue with ours in that my name was changed to my mothers new married name when I was 8 years old and then we did not then have a deed poll so had to chase around getting one sorted as my birth name was different to my current name .

when we did get something they then sent it back and then wanted my parents marriage certificate along with my mothers first marriage certificate (who I might add destroyed it in anger of a terrible first husband ) so had to obtain copies of that too !!

but we got there in the end with 5 months of back and forth I might add !

stick with it and you will get there !

ScarboroughWhites-442058 1455303323

Dosen't the French Government get EU funding to translate documents ? We didn't have to get ours translated in 2014.

Iguana Rock 1455305257

We didn't have ours translated. We went to the Morlaix office and they were very helpful. Back then (5 years ago) I spoke very little French so the lady even attempted some words in English which I really appreciated. I really do think it depends on who you speak to and what mood they are in! Perhaps go on a Friday when they'll be in 'looking forward to weekend' mood!


rpl10 1455306191

thank you very much for the replies...some funny ones there also!, thanks makes me feel i may have just got an awkward person on the "help-line" now....

ScarboroughWhites-442058 1455306431

To be fair for a change, the CPAM Office in Loudeac were and have been helpful to us, took me 18 months to get my CV, wife got hers in 10 months, even though she was piggy-backing on the back of my Legal french work to access her CV !!!!

They said my photo had been lost, then my CV turned up the following week, with the lost photo smiling at me !!!!!

I think you just need to keep pushing them - AIKB helped us push them.



lottie13-403657 1455309187

always best to go in, in my experience

Rudge 1455310904

it took me 7 months to get my carte vitale, at no stage was I ever asked for a translation of anything , 

Now the application for a carte vitale for my non-eu wife is being processed , I managed to get an S1 for her from UK , never been asked for translation of birth certificates, marriage certificate  - it appears it can be different in CPAM office visited, and the person you deal with .

Philealing 1455316933

I don't think they are being necessarily unhelpful rather than the system isn't very good at giving them the training they need to understand the process. Like others, I didn't need to translate my birth certificate over a year ago. I received a letter saying I was 'in the system' but months went by and no card arrived. Eventually I phoned them and was told as an early retiree I had to have private insurance. I told them they were wrong, I'd lived in France over five years AND I had a letter saying I WAS in the system. The papers for my CV arrived within a few days. Good luck.

paul & nadine 1455441954

I have never had to have anything translated. Once I sent my birth certificate in to CPAM and they said it had to have my social security number on it, so I rang them to explain that in UK you didn't get your number until your teens.  They said "write your number on the certificate yourself"!!  So I did and everything was ok!

Paul R

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