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Hi Can anyone advise what documents are needed to get a Carte Vitale.  Also where is the office in Pontivy?  And do I need to make an appointment? thanks 

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If my memory serves ne, your passport, the obligatory utilty bill eg EDF and an E121 or S1 from Newcastle.  It was some 14 years since I last did it so that is from memory.  The E121 shows the rate that the UK will pay toward your health care.  If you are suffering rom certain illnesses then you can get upto 100% as I did and my wife got 70% as my dependant.  I think back then we couldn't get our carte sejour without the carte vitale but you do not need the sejour  .

let me know if you need more as I am returning this year.

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Sorry, plus your bank account details for reimbursements



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Thanks Mike

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How are you eligible? Through work, your spouse's work or something else. If you are applying through PUMA follow this link;


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If you are a married couple with one of you "piggy backing" (for now) on the other's S1 you will need your marriage certificate and don't assume the one will do! When we applied 2 and a half years ago, we presented all the documents including marriage certificate but I was asked where mine was! "Er, we just have the one, we are married to each other."  "Yes but I will need to see your certificate too" said the lady!  It was debated for a few minutes before she conceded that "in this case" she would accept a photo copy of my other half's marriage certificate!!  

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As far as making am appointment is concerned I thing the answer is YES. I used to call in to the Carhaix office, take a ticket and wait my turn. On my last trip the system had changed and you had to call 36 46 to make an appointment.

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