Cateract operations

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Pam Jones



Has anyone had a cateract  op in the polyclinic in Pontivy? As it successful and if it was could you please let me have the name of the surgeon. I am due to have both eyes done and am a bit nervous about the outcome.

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George Canning 1490508008

I can't comment about Pontivy but when my wife's cataracts were done she was told that it is the most commonly performed operation in France and hers were totally successful and her treatment superb. Her surgeon preferred general anaesthetic and so did she. In her case the opthalmologist we normally see did the operation. As a matter of interest the cost, after reimbursement from mutuelle was zero.

fransgran 1490510353

My husband had three eye operations in quick succession in Pontivy.  The first to repair a hole in the retina , followed by cataract removal in both eyes.  The hole operation was under general anaethetic and the cataracts by a local.  The three operations (carried out on separate ocasions), were totally without pain, the staff were clinically efficient and friendly.  The result: vision restored to youthful levels, "floaters" banished and a new, brighter life.  If this seems like an over the top advertisement for the clinic then it is well deserved.  My husband had three different surgeons, all professional.  It is normal to be apprehensive but absolutely no need at all.  Good luck!

TerryR-385906 1490515996

I had both of mine done by Dr. Le Golvan (him, not his wife who is also an ophthalmologist) and I could not fault it in any way. My only complaint was that the lunch they gave me after the procedure was rubbish - plan to stop at McDonald's on the way home! The first one was done under a general and the other was under deep sedation but both were fine, no discomfort in either case.

You go home the same day with a bandage over the eye which is removed the next day. I had very slight visual distortion which lasted less than a week. It was basically the same as getting used to new glasses (I am told, I only wear glasses for reading).

It's been over a year since I had the first one done. My vision is very much better and the improvement in colours is amazing. I haven't seen colours like this since this 60's! 

I would recommend this operation to anybody and I am really glad that I had it done.

Pam Jones 1490697685

Thank you all so much for your positive replies, I feel much better about it now.

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