Changes to French Healthcare System

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Hi Folks,   Have read that there have been changes to the French health care system, and that it's much easier, as of January 1st, to get our carte vital... For us that are overwhelmed with all of this, is there somewhere we can read about it? Most interested as I am a pre-pension retiree...

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countrydweller 1453802143

Nothing has changed at all in respect of inactifs It is and has been for many years the case that if you are an "inactif" you need to show that you have lived in France in a regular and stable manner for at least 3 months and have a household income in excess of €9611 pa.Most of the changes that are being introduced are administrative and make it easier for people to have continuation of health care especially for women.If you need advice on what to do PM me 1456321951

Hi saw your recent reply and I have applied in line with the 3 month rule for inactif perrsons and have supplied all the relevant supporting paperwork, we are 56 with an income above this level.  

Do you think this applicationwill be processed successfully?

Its beeen about 6 weeks sioince weaplied what sort of processing time is normal?




ScarboroughWhites-442058 1456323232

Don't we as 'Inactif' also have to pay 8% of our Worldwide Income above Euro 9611 to access CPAM ?

I was under the impression that was the case ?

3 Months (Not 5 Years as some CPAMs still say) in France

Income in excess of Euro9611


A Charge of 8% of Worldwide Income above Euro9611.


Then you have to finance your Top-Up cover.

If I'm wrong that would be great news.




Reveuse-918439 1456324961

That sounds about right ScarboroughWhites.

Plus I believe that if you affiliate to the French health system you become liable for social taxes on overseas income, although that's not a healthcare cost as such.

The difference with the 5 years is, that once you've been here over 5 years, you have the right to join CPAM if you've met the criteria during that time, even if your income drops below the threshold in year 6. 

ScarboroughWhites-442058 1456339042


So you are saying CPAM will take the 8% of your Worldwide Income over Euro9,611 and then you get hit again for 'Social taxes' on your Worldwide Income for affiliating to CPAM / French Health System !!!

If that is what you are saying is correct - Would this include 'Government Pension Income' ?





Reveuse-918439 1456341250

I don't know the details, no doubt somebody else will, but it does depends on the type of income. You seem to have to pay social charges on private pensions but if all your pensions are government pensions taxed in the UK then I don't think you would.

countrydweller 1457805982

Social charges do not apply to UK government occupational pensions eg police teachers etc and if you have an S1 you should not be paying social charges

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