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Hi, Can anone advise if UK leave EU will people over retirement age 70 and 65 still get coverage by CPAM . My wife and I are full time resident in France with our french property our only home. At the moment my wife is diabetic and is covered by CPAM and our top up private cover. Will any of this cover stop if as the question asked UK leave EU. Thanks for any genuine advise. Peter

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There have been various discussions about this situation over the last several months on different forums.  However, the truth of the matter is that no one knows precisely what the effects would be in the event of a Brexit.  Until there are some definite rulings then it's not worth worrying yourself about.

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I think the answer is that nobody knows. Currently there is a EU wide agreement which provides cover to national standards in the country of residence but the cover is paid by the country which did, or does make social charges on the recipient. As you get a UK state pension but reside in France the French state provides cover but it is paid for by the UK.

If the UK leaves the EU then all the EU wide agreements may be renegotiated. However there are countries not in the EU which have reciprocal health arrangements with EU countries so it is possible that the UK would renegotiate a similar deal to the one at present. But it is possible that the UK would not agree to fund healthcare for its citizens overseas. If this was to happen and the rights of residence under French law were to continue it is possible that social charges would be levied in France to pay for the care. 

The likelihood is that cover would continue from CPAM  but how it is paid for may change.

There are many details that will affect us if the UK withdraw, none of the fine print seems to have been thought about at all and as we know, the devil is in the detail.

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I can understand your concerns, but as people have rightly said no one knows what will happen and really no point in speculating,  it's another wait and see.

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I can't think it is going to happen realistically.

For a start, the UK will have to send all the EU workers back to their home countries and take back all the OAPs who can't afford to stay in Europe because of healthcare etc.

Speaking to my mother in law on the phone yesterday made me realise that there is very little in place for the extra burden the Brexit would force on an already struggling UK.

She is on an estate dedicated to older people who have health issues and the housing society is trying to sell off some of the 1 bed bungalows to property developers so they can knock them down and build to sell housing for families. The old guy next door has Alzheimers and kidney failure and his step-daughter needs  break from loooking after him but the social services just say they have no-one to take her place.

It gives me the shivers though, the thought of all this.  . . . . . . .

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Firstly the S1 system is an EEA system not EU so countries in the EEA and not the EU can use the S1 system .Secondly as others have said in the event of an exit vote there would be seperate negotiations as to what the position of the UK would be.Thirdly it will all be fixed anyway so do not panic

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If you have lived in the UK within the last 15 years, you can choose to vote and have your say.


hillhead 1454789056

There are so many issues like this that the leave the EU brigade haven't considered.

After all, we have been in the EU for over 40 years now and there are so many things like this that would have to be re-negotiated that you may consider that leaving is unwise.

This is a very complicated issue and I don't think that it is getting the considered debate and thought that it deserves.

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I think I would be more worried about the state pension being frozen at current rates of pay as I believe they are in Australia ,New Zealand and Canada .

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Hi All who have replied,

Some repiles have not been as per the thread of this discussion.

The issue is not to do with voteing to leave or stay in the EU, or freezing the pensions, but as the  discussion is headed,

It is cover with CPMA.


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Getting health cover through CPAM will not be an issue as that is down to residence. Getting it paid for by an S1 is a different matter but I'm sure that is an EEA not an EU agreement.

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But, we only have right to be resident as UK is part of EU, with which comes health cover etc surely.

No membership no rights

chèvrefeuille 1454850478

No, being resident has been made easier through the UK's membership of the EU but there are plenty of other avenues. Look at the number of non EU expats who live and work in France. Living here after a Brexit might be a bit more complicated than now but will still be a much better option than moving back to the UK!

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We must all register to vote and vote for staying in Europe.


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HIL25 ?

I hear what your saying but its not really right to push your opinion as below!


We must all register to vote and vote for staying in Europe.

everyone must be allowed to make their own mind up ... thats why there will be a vote, 

Just my opinion  Chris

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A very valid point but so far; nobody knows the likley outcome of a Brexit or even if it will happen.

Neither side seems able to give a clear view on the benefits of in or out - and as politicians are managing the communications process there are too many outright lies and falsehoods to be able to make a clear decision.

Against this background of uncertainly and risk of a Brexit that would have an unknown impact on the UK it  is entirely possible the populous will vote for "safety first" and stay in. So if you have a vote use it then see what happens after the result. If a vote for change is made it is unlikley to be fast and there will need to be transitionary arrangements.

A case of crossing bridges when it comes to it - if indeed it happens in the first place.

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hillhead, I don't think that these concerns have not been considered by the leave brigade - it's more that they don't really care.  I think the view of many is that if we have chosen to leave the UK, then we do not deserve to vote (hence the long struggle to get votes for life, which has now finally been agreed by the government, but will not be implemented before the referendum!!), neither do we deserve to have any right to any benefits etc etc. 

Personally, I don't believe any of us should be complacent, whether working or retired.  Life will certainly become harder should the UK leave the EU - and as time goes on I feel that this is becoming more and more likely.

I am registered to vote in the UK, it was one of the first things I did when I arrived permanently in France 3 years ago.  If you have been here for less than 15 years, you can do so - if you are entitled to vote, then DO SO PLEASE!  Also consider joining Facebook groups like Say Yes 2 Europe, New Europeans etc. who are campainging to stay in - this group is very active:

Rather than waiting for others to decide for you and then lamenting your fate, join the campaign and register to vote.


Cookatreat 1454951550

It seems that a simple question has broadened out to the debate of staying in or leaving the United States of Europe project .

some seem to base their vote on personal financial gain or the spreading of fear .

there is no honesty to the debate in the uk , and little in France , it is a United States of Europe that is being voted on , and no pro campaigners are saying this openly in the uk.

the present United States of Europe has been forced on the people of Europe , Brussels has tried to buy people off in the short term but can't keep up the payments , ask Greece or the French farmers . The eu accounts are not signed off and those that speak out against the eu are classed as facists or their names blackened.

Fundamentally , the debate is one of democracy , of a connection of the people to the politicians and our ability to change direction when we choose .it is not black and white , we are free to choose whatever colour we wish , for us and our children , if we choose to leave .

hillhead 1454953119

I wish it was just democracy, but I fear that there will be lots of interested parties grinding their own axes in the hope of making the most money for themselves/their companies.

It is important that the choice made in the referendum is in the best interests of the people of the UK and of Europe.

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The answer to your question is no one has any idea whatsoever, if the UK leaves no one has any idea whatsoever of how it will affect anything, but the one thing I do know is there are very few clubs where you don't need to join or pay any fees but still expect to get all the benefits.

Tregadilet 1454955396

It appears  the that Brexit will  be voted for and will happen, for those in France or Europe, it will mean those in France will have to apply for a "Carte de Sejour" unless they taken  French nationality and the same for those in Italy, Spain, Portugal. It will be only a matter of time before before EU healthcare ends, It might mean a mass exit of Brits from Europe, sooner than later!

Thanks Mr Cameron

geegee42 1454955912

Why thanks Mr Cameron?, he wants in not out, do the Swiss who live in France need a carte de séjour, they are part of the Schengen zone but not EU members, how is their healthcare dealt with when living in France?.

lottie13-403657 1454957164

Im not going to worry about this as there are so many non brit european living and working in the uk and getting healthcare, there would have to be a reciprocal agreement with all of their "home countries"

I think Cameron thought this would just be a stick to hit the eu with and I think it may be he has shot himself in the foot and it does look as if the "out" vote is gathering momentum.

berger-423858 1455039637

Should Britain leave the EU, there would have to be agreements about health care for British people already living in EU countries and EU citizens living in Britain. Both groups moved to their new country in good faith under the freedom of movement provisions. The numbers involved are so large that the question would have to be resolved.

The vote has not yet been held and its outcome is hard to predict. I've written to a number of politicians in Britain and no one has said what would happen in the event of a Brexit, probably because they don't know.

I would strongly encourage anyone living here who will still  be eligible to vote in the EU referendum to register to vote, if they have not already done so.


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How can anyone on this forum possibly advise on your question? Opinions, yes, you will get lots of those but can we tell you if you will get healthcare from CPAM? It's not us on this forum you need to be asking so don't make any decisions based on advice you get here, well not on this subject.

Mr Oleo Strut 1455640569

Good advice on all sides and no need to panic. In the event of a Brexit, as far as I know if you have been resident in France legally for 10 years or more  the French constitution gives you the right to permanent residence, and IF your free pensioner CPAM health cover IS withdrawn you would either have to take out private health insurance (admittedly very expensive for those with pre-existing conditions) or pay 8% of your annual income for CPAM cover, so all is not lost. Other concerns in the event of a Brexit might be a major decline in the strength of sterling and possible retaliation from certain elements both in the UK and here. It is all very worrying but by no means as black a picture as it could be. This is all worst-case stuff and hopefully common sense will prevail but I am sure that the French would not want to loose their tax-paying and well-integrated foreign 'long-term' guests!

dozygirl 1455641445

Nothing quite like a bit of scare-mongering Mr Oleo Strut.  Do you have a link to this information or, is it as you say, "as far as you know"?

geegee42 1455641708

I don't think anyone has any idea whatsoever of what would happen if the UK left, the Irish, welsh and scots want to stay in, there are hundreds of thousands of EU migrant workers in the UK, a lot of whom are there because the labour is not available in the UK, banks and big companies say if the UK leaves we have no plans to leave, then you hear that emails have been leaked involving banks and big companies plans to leave the UK in the event of a leave vote, but whatever happens I would have thought that if you make a living here or are of independent means then its unlikely you will be asked to leave. The biggest problem I think is the being in the club but doing exactly what we like bit, I think it's either in or completely out end of all trade agreements, a stand alone UK left to get on with it, bit like before they joined, one minute never had it so good, next minute down the swany and pleading to get back in.

Mr Oleo Strut 1455718461

You can look up your local Prefecture website, dozygirl, to find out what the residence arrangements are now for both EU and non-EU people. That should give you an indication of what might happen. I try not to scaremonger, after all there are enough doing that already, especially in the UK and on the media. I think that this whole business has been very badly handled by Cameron and he has seriously marginalised himself and the UK at a time when there are far more important EU problems. But that is just my view.

Mr Oleo Strut 1455718671

You make very good points, geegee42.

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