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can any of you ladies out there tell me if you can get medication over the counter in the pharmacy without going to the doctor?

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JohnnyP-414490 1257358185

I got some for my wife from the chemist.

Called Phytofluide "confort urinaire"

They are a natural solution which worked very well.

Hope that helps.

the old bargee 1257359306

Thank you Johnney P I will try and get some.

Noonie-403465 1257362810

Failing that, plenty of cranberry juice and soaks in baths with plenty of salt!

ker-383685 1257409409

You are the only other person I have come across who has heard of that method (salt bath that is!).

Used to suffer really bad when I was pregnant and it worked miracles.

Cygnet-393506 1257414838

I also suffered with this until I had a hysterectomy and found that fruit drinks especially Ribena were best avoided. If you can get it, Andrews Salts were really good, but a glass of Robinsons Lemon Barley and plain water usually gives relief. I hate to add but avoiding any wine is also helpful. It is best to go to the Doctor, because he will prescribe and if you feel as bad as I used to, you will do anything for relief.

Do hope you can find something to solve the problem, it is a really nasty thing.

arcoat-392332 1257459248

there are different reasons for cystitis..if a germ is the cause you need to have your urine analysed , an antibiogram done and then the right antibiotic given .. for that, you need a doctors visit. for other causes over the counter remedies are available.cranberry juice to stop the germs adhering to the bladder wall never worked for me.but since i have taken a cranberry tablet once a day, bye bye any infection for 5 years now!(cranberry is canneberge in french)

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