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hellofor all other heart patients out there becarefuli have just spent nearly 7 weeks in hospital due to a local dentist who refused to give me antibiotic cover for treatment he gave meeven though i asked for it(it is still up to the dentist in france to give you cover), my GP was awayi had a bacteria which came from his treatment say the hospital at Vannesit has left me with a damaged back & a hemoraged left eyeapparently it is very difficult to sue a dentistt here, but i am furious, whats more he could do the same to someone else, who may not be so lucky...the hospital has now given me an ordance for a life time supply of antibiotic should i need it

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Dear Loubie

dont know too much about this subject but just wanted to pass on my best wishes to you hope you make a good recovery, take care


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Hello Loubie,

Hope you are now feeling a lot better - what an awful to have happened to you.

It is good that you now have a life time prescription but will that restore you back to how you were before?

Best wishes to you.

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