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Please can some one help me I have been butchered by a dentist, I have been desperate to see another someone who does not hate the english like this  one does. I have been so ill with my teeth and payed him a small fortune. Can anyone give me the names of good dentits , I have tried calling a few and no one is taking on new patients or I have to wait 5 months for an appointment. Plrase mail me with any suggestions.

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Sarah 1474974182

You don't say whereabouts you are.  The dentist in Trélivan is wonderful, very kind and patient but no good if you are the other side of Brittany

Petrolpower 1474974694

Fantastic Dentist in Le Fouet not sure his name but he is on the village square, English not to good but he doesnt mind if you have a person with you to translate, I was same as you prior to going to him was butchered but believe me he is excellent

Tryval 1474975919

Have a brilliant dentist, near Redon, his English is better than mine :-)

paginator-402855 1474977251

 Ok thanks its a good start but I am further north near Carhaix ,  Rosterenen  anywhere in a 20 km radius is good, thanks all for helping and leaving replies.

Nightsky-402638 1474978482

I believe there is a good dentist at Gourin in the medical centre building where the doctors are.  My hubby goes to her and is quite happy.  Her name escapes me, but look in the yellow pages under Dentist, Gourin and you should find her.  It is a group of 2 dentists (her and hubby I think)

malcolm1-10066606 1475150026

Le cam in Rostrenen , first class dentist  , 0296508100

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