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We have been in central Brittany for some time and have just discovered, by requesting an appointment, that our GP, Dr. Mevel in Carhaix, retired in December 2018. He has not been replaced, and the receptionist was unusually frosty. One wonders where all Dr. Mevel's patients have gone, including the many English ones he looked after. The receptionist confirmed that the other Doctors in the Cabinet are not taking on any more patients. Can anyone help us please in directing us to a friendly, hopefully English speaking Doctor in the Carhaix area? Thank you.

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Hi, we too were with Dr Mevel. Luckily we have found a doctor in Carhaix, but he does not speak English and he too is of retiring age.  A French friend rang quite a few docs in Carhaix for us but many are either not taking anyone on or are soon to retire. Dr Mevel did tell us that they hope to have some new docs at the health clinic but who knows how long it will be until that happens.

We have spoken to others, who are also finding it difficult to find a doc to sign on with but I have heard there are 4/5 docs at Mael Carhaix that re taking on. I do not know if they speak English and understand that you do not make an appointment but go and wait your turn!!! 

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Thank you for your response. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Carhaix attracts some young blood soon. In the meantime, we will check out Mael Carhaix.

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Try this site.  You can select English speaking doctors.

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