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Hi, I know you can't post names of doctors on here.I have my 83 year old mother-in-law with us at the moment and she is running out of meds. I have all the paperwork signed by her English doctor as to what she requires. some of the medication is controlled drugs i.e morphine patches for pain.I believe I have to go to a doctor for him to agree the prescription.can anyone possibly private message me the name of an English speaking doctor in or near Mael-Carhaix/Rostrenen etc.and does anyone know under the new restrictions whether I can just take her passport and prescription or does she have to attend in person (she suffers with early stage dementia)thanks in advanceARTHUR


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Not sure of the rules but there is an English speaking doctor at the cabinet at Gouarec, his list may be full but if it is a one-off, they may be able to help. 

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There is a very good one at Poullaouen too who is happy to discuss things on the phone but I do not know whether morphine woiuld be prescribed without the doctor seeing a patient

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Many doctors and pharmacists have a basic grasp of English and will do their best to help.  Just go in with your translated questions on paper and they are bound to try to meet you half way.

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Thanks Ronald

I have a basic grasp of French so that is what I did. All sorted thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions.

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