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I have been told on two occasions that an E111 european card is not needed to travel to the UK. If I was to incurr any medical charges in the UK, then I would have it refunded on the Carte Vital when returning to France!! Anyone know if this is right??

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dingbat-399792 1250758608

you do still need one, but it's not called an E111 anymore.

just go into your CPAM office (or whoever if you're not with CPAM) & ask for a Carte Européenne d'Assurance Maladie. It takes a couple of weeks & will be posted to you. You need to take ID with you though (passport).

Quistillic 1250758879

Have been to cpam twice

and told the same thing, so

where do I go from here?

bobbydazzler 1250759274

Like you the first time we said we were going to the U.K.

and like you were told we didn't need one,

so the second time we made a destination and date up saying

we were going on holiday and we were then sent a card each.

They cannot refuse!!

good luck

Voyageur-396488 1250759563

Surely you could always take out travel insurance as this would cover other unforseen eventualities.

chook-387824 1250872959

I do not know if Cpam do the same thing, but with MSA we just filled the form in on line and the cards arrived about a week later. We needed one for our daughter who was going to Germany and also for us when we went to Uk, just to be on the safe side. So may I suggest you look on their web site to see if you can do the same.

Lyni-402480 1250935020

You can apply for the card online at it was very easy to do and you do not need a great deal of French to manage it and it arrives within 14 days, I know I did it for my self and my husband.

Clover-382222 1250935192

I applied for a European Health cover card online for my student son this week via his SMEBA organismn and received it within 48hrs - not bad for France. It is recommended for all who travel outside France and prooves you are covered here in case of reimbursement.

yatesy-400671 1250937746

I called CPAM english helpline on 0811 36 36 46, they took my details and got back to me later that day, as I was travelling within the two weeks waiting time so they sent me an assestation form that was valid for 3 months while I awaited my card, my card arrived the day after I got back from a two week holiday in UK.

woody-383477 1250938871

Our local CPAM office has a machine where you insert your carte vitale, press the correct button and you receive a printed attestation immediately.

auntievera 1250941504

I agree with some posters you do need a E.H.I.C I always apply on line for ours, usually they're here within a week or less :-)

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