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Do you or anyone you know have the AA group that runs at Paule? Is it a mixed age group and is there also a group for AA's families? private emails would obviously be best Thankyou in advance

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I don't know where Paule is, but all the AA meetings in Brittany are listed here

apple dumpling 1256316409

Local AA meeting in Paule on a Tuesday, ring Ron on 0298 93 97 74,

Just about to post a notice in the General Discussion bit for a new group in 56 near Josselin, call John on 0297 73 94 99

They helped me change my world around when I was married to an Alcoholic, would neverhave managed without them. Make the call, there is nothing to loose and a whole life to gain.

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suggest you speak to Ron as advised, he has details of meeting's.

good luck

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