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Please can anyone tell me if there is an Eye hospital akin to MOORFIELDS in london..  I live in Brittany.   Thank you

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Bernice-872463 1474183212

It depends where you live - Brittany is a very large region .......  Have you asked your doctor?

There are hospitals with excellent ophthalmic departments throughout the region.

countrydweller 1474193128

Assuming that you are part of the French Health system the you would be better off speaking to your médecin traitant as he/she will be able to refer you the specialist/hospital who is best placed to deal with your problem and also if you approach a specialist direct without a referral you may not be reimbursed fully by the state

LucyBee 1474193829

Hi there - I had a very, very successful cataract operation last year, at Dinan Polyciinic - but you will have to go to your opthalmogue first, to be assessed and then proceed from there. Be warned, if you're not already aware, that there is usually a waiting list of around three to four months for an appointment. Good luck.

countrydweller 1474194004

If you go to www.ameli.fr  click on vous etes assuré then on Choisir un médecin you come to a page where you can search for a hospital for eye conditions  Clicking on the name of the hospital will give you costs 

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