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Could someone who knows please tell me what I have to do to get an eye test and new glasses here in France. I am torn between going over to Plymouth as a foot passenger and getting all sorted there but I have varifocals with a complex prescription, so I would probably have to go back a week after the eye test and selection to collect, so could work out expensive. I need to do it soon as my frame has a crack in it and I can't wait until they break, as I cannot be without them during waking hours. Internet no good as I need my specs properly fitted - as I said, it is a complex prescription.   Thanks in advance.

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flobeck 1456182359

When did you last have an eyetest if it is less than 2 years the opticians will use your last prescription. If you need a full check up then probably the quickest way is to go back to UK for your eye test.  I had my eye test at specsavers and came back here and went to my local opticians for my glasses.  Verifocals - not cheap but then I got the frames I wanted fitted properly and they told me if I had any problms to go back to them.  Couldn't fault them.

sunshinedays 1456217941

Hello, the optician here in France can give you an eye test and you can buy glasses but they cannot give you a prescription to claim some of the cost back from CPAM and your mutuelle. 

There is usually a long wait to see an ophthalmoligist here but they are the only ones who can give you the paperwork to claim costs back. 

Huey-407259 1456218006

Where are you?

mehitabel-807776 1456220044

I can highly recommend Specsavers Jersey.  Last November I tried to get an eye test appointment in France.  I was so incensed with the rudeness of the receptionist that I walked away and decided to contact Jersey.  The waiting time in france for a test is a minimum of 6 months.  I got my test in Jersey the following week.  If you are over 60 the eye test is free.  I chose two pairs of glasses on their offer that were posted to my french address the following week at a cost of £15.  I am now in the process of ordering my 3rd pair which are going to be not quite so strong just for computer use as suggested by them.  Again, they are going to post to me at a cost of £10.  If you have insurance cover for eye test/specs do check out the amount you would be refunded as it is very little.   Also what a lovely way to spend a day.  In fact I chose a half day return and had plenty of time for the test and shopping before having to return to the ferry.   Hope this is of help.

Whyme?-991477 1456228650


Many thanks for the responses.  Flobeck - I hadn't considered going over to the UK to get my eye test and prescription and then having it dispenses here - that does give me another option.  Will all of the opticians here dispense a UK prescription do you think?

Huey - I am near Rostrenen.

Sunshinedays - I am not too worried about getting money back from my mutuelle or CPAM to be honest - my glasses usually cost in excess of £400 in the UK (not designer frames I might add), so I am used to paying for them.

Mehitabel - sounds like going to Jersey worked well for you but, as I said, I don't want my glasses sent to me - In the 59 years that I have been wearing glasses I have never been able to just collect a pair without having adjustments made to the frame etc. to get a proper fit.  I am totally reliant on my specs and they have to be just right.


Thanks again.

bretonne 1456229583

Waiting times at ophtalmologues vary a ;lot so it's worth asking several about how long the delay is. 

Regarding your broken frame any option could either do a repair or fit the lenses in another frame.

Huey-407259 1456230663

You are near Mur de Bretagne, so go to the optician in the square.  He speaks English and his pricing is good and service excellent.  He is cheaper than Vision Express (can supply 2 pairs of Varifocals for €1 the 2nd). Personally found Specsavers rubbish, and Vision Express not supplying the quality for which I had paid extra!

He will test your eyes to see if they need varying from your precription.  If they do am sure he can arrange an appt. with the opto in St. Nicholas du Pelem.  She also speaks E. and is quicker for appt than most.

If you want more info ring me on 02 96 29 48 40

mehitabel-807776 1456231032

I should have said that I chose the frames whilst at Specsavers and I was measured at the same time and the glasses fitted there and then.  They were posted once the lenses were ready for insertion and they fit a treat.  One other thing I forgot to mention is that the test is far more involved in the UK then in France using the latest technology although I wasn't that enthralled at seeing inside my head on a computer screen!

sunshinedays 1456236113

Hi again Whyme, you may as well go straight to the opticians here and have your eyes tested and made. 

Iguana Rock 1456244471

I would do as you suggested, go to Plymouth. But the Roscoff/Plymouth ferry isn't running until 16th March so may be too long to wait?

Huey-407259 1456304660

Not quite sure what mehabitel is on about.

My test here was more thorough than any I ever had in UK.  And my wifes with a different O. was equally good.


The eye test at Mur equates much with the tests I had in UK.

flobeck 1456307131

I could not fault the eye examination at Specsavers, it was a lot more thorough than the one I had in France at the opthamologist and its a long wait for an appointment here unless you are lucky. http://www.specsavers.co.uk/eye-health/eye-test I am sure all the opticians in the UK do a similar examination. Rather than wait 6 months+ for a RDV I would go to Jersey or UK for an examination and get glasses made up in France.  And yes I have used a UK prescription twice here Whyme no problem.

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