Free Healthcare?

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The following article looks too good to be true but is stating that all pension income whether state or occupational will be exempt from PUMA cotisations anyone else heard or seen anything "official"?

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countrydweller 1491750206

The above link does not work properly and only opens a part page but click on French News then Brexit and long term residents

Fitter 1491776296

Very promising - but we don't know what the new president and administration will interfere with do we?

Spainlover 1491985307

Without referring me to the english speaking CPAM line . I want to investigate uk side first .  I am reading up but conflicting or confusing info on diff ex pat sites 

At present we live in Spainbut house sale just agreed. We have a property purchase just over a year ago in Brittany which we are moVing too ( i kniw bad tIming lol ) anyway i work in the uk for a uk company paye.  I usually do three weeks on three ofF though i can choose to do more or less. At Present i am fIscally resudent in Spain and have a residencia.  When we move to France i am unsure whether i am best to remain non resident .  A) it has caused me untold problems in Spain as i have been paying tax uk and declaring paid in Spain but being taXed Spain as well . 

I would be happy to pay all my taxes in France , i believe this is possible as long as not in uk over 183 days but i do nit think it would help re healthcare as i would still not be paying SS contributions . 

On the other hand if i stay paye ( and work more than the 183 days, last year i spent over 200 dats working uk )  ) i am bumping up pension a little and if i read correctly my husband as my dependent and living in France could get S1 cover.  I am going phone Newcastle but i know even having spoke to them re Spain half of them Do not seem to know or fob you Off . 

I want to do things correctly but of course we have 6 years to retirement so any help with healthcare is welcome. 

Also jeep reading re PUMA all residents even early retirees you can apply even after three months resi in France , again confusing info as then says but you may not be accepted ??? 

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1491997873

Income tax is normally payable in the country where your bum is when you do the work, but you still declare total worldwide income in the country where you live (total worldwide household income in France, don't know about Spain) and the DTA is applied. Regarding heathcare, if you live in the EU but physically return to the UK to work on a regular basis you should have applied to HMRC for a workers S1 to cover your healthcare as a cross border worker. If they agree to issue it, it will cover yours and your dependents' healthcare in the country where you live. If they don't (it will depend on your working pattern and where you spend your time, you'll have a form to fill in) then you'll have to take it from there and make other arrangements. It should be the same for Spain, The rules are quite clear

so I don't know why you haven't already done this if you are a cross border worker.

Spainlover 1492000385

Hi Josephine, sorry for the typos was in a rush this morning.  I have not done this as everytime i speak to someone at the NI or tax all they keep saying is if i work in Uk and i am in UK for more than 183 days i pay my taxes in the UK, As my main residence is in Spain and i do not have a house in the UK, i do live in care work, they say i am not covered by the UK,   Thank you for the info, this is what i was looking for, so that if  i telephone they do not fob me off again.  I can not seem to get anywhere as they seem happy to cherry pick which bits apply. ie happy to say i am in Uk for tax purposes but not for getting healthcare abroad.  IS there a particular section that i can refer to ? when telephoning . thanks

Spainlover 1492000814

Just checked your link Josephine and says you have to commute daily or at least once a week, as i stated above i work 3 on 3 off .  However i am sure i still read that as i am paying NI it entitles my partner to health care in the country of domicile

Penny Sheldon-880709 1492001009

Hi, although people are very well intentioned, your situation will be very different from the next person. I would suggest that you seek professional advice. I had a situation when the 183 days that everyone throws around means nothing and I found out that fiscal residence and where you are dominciled believe it or not can differ greatly. The person who helped me out was Graham Keysell of Spectrum IFA. I am always happy to recommend him as it is a minefield out there and although your situation may have similarities to others, it will not be the same. Grahams contact details are    I am sure he will be able to help and I wish you every good wish for your new life in Brittany. Penny.

Penny Sheldon-880709 1492001054

Sorry, last message was for Spainlover.


Josephine-Blogger-853338 1492012363

I didn't re-read the link to be honest, but I think they should look at your working pattern whatever it is, It also says

"If you work in one EU country and live in another, you are entitled to medical treatment on both sides of the border.

Register in the country where you work and get an S1 form (former E 106 form) from your health insurance authority. This form entitles you and your dependants to receive healthcare in the country where you live."

So I still think that if you work for a UK employer on a regular basis and you don't work at all in France, this is what you should explore first.

countrydweller 1492013946

Personally I would not bother phoning up anyone as all that happens is that the conversation goes off at tangents You need to download or fill in online this form CA8454 .This is the applcation for an S1 if you live in one EEA country and work in another.You will need your NI No and your last payslip to show you are working in the UK and the S1 will cover your whole family.THis type of situation is quite common in the EU as people drive 5 kms down the road to work in another country yet the bureaucracy in the uk cannot get its head around it at all so you need to make a proper application.

In respect of residency the French are not like southern european countries where you need to go t the local town hall/police station with all your documents.Residency in France is diffferent things in different situations.

In respect of paying tax the UK will have first dibs as that is where you are working.As you are resident in France then you will need to submit tax declarations showing your world wide income but if income has already been taxed in another country then all you do is to put it in the appropriate box on the form and it will not be taxed twice

Spainlover 1492102233

Hi all and Countrydweller 

thank you for your replies , especially countrydweller . The info and form is exactly what i need , as you have said before the conversations i have had when trying to do this from SpaIn go off on what and where am i resident .  

So i will download the form but wondering if need to wait until i move end May as can see confusion reigning if apply whikst still in Spain . 

Re tax i have done this in Spain but still been taxed and the answer Recieved being that i would have paid a higher amount in Spain on my earnings so tgis is difference i am being taxed.  If i was not fiscally resident in Spain I would not be charged but would have to become non resident and pay a higher ibi tax on our property .  Seems to be a minefield 

Spainlover 1492157676

Ehi Countrydweller , tried to message but keeps giving me error message .  I am trying to loCate form but not found on HNRC site , do you have a link please 

countrydweller 1492158372

I just googled CA8454 and it came up It is on the website.I would wait till you get to France or it may cause a blown gasket!!!!

In respect of the tax most treaties between different countries allow you a credit against tax paid in another country and this is calculated according to the amount of tax you would have paid in the country where you reside as opposed to the tax you have paid so in fact it is perfectly possible to have to pay tax in two countries on the same income.France is the same by the way but probably has less onerous tax rates than Spain.

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