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I am looking for an English speaking doctor for a friend who is here on holiday and has developed a back problem. Please email me privately if you know of anyone. Many thanks

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Fitter 1471071952

Lanvele- There is no facility to email posters on this discussion forum - I suggest you either risk posting your phone number/email address on this forum or put a wanted advertisement  on the classifieds section where the email contact function works. 

Sarah 1471074731

You can post GP's details on here now, the law changed some time ago (and vets).

Live&Love 1471076588

Unfortunately the only english speaking ones I know of I your in rostrenen, Mael Carhaix and Carhaix are on holiday or now closed for the bank holiday weekend. Hopefully someone will be able to say if the ones in callac or gourin are open. I would  suggest the walk in one at the hospital and taking a dictionary and phrase book with them if they are unable to wait till Tuesday. Hope your friend is feeling better today

callac4ever 1471082669

May be difficult to see a gp as it's a bank holidah weekend. Dr Tison at Callac speaks English. As suggested hospital might be easier solution, there's almost always a doctor that speaks a little English there.

colin22 1471092909

There was an excellent Roumanian lady doctor in Huelgoat three years ago but I don't know if she's still there.

Sabjack-431694 1471114583

Colin22, the Romanian dr left 2 years ago and left a lot of people without a Doctor.

countrydweller 1472385561

Dr LeCoidic at Poullaouen

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